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krycek1984March 17, 2013

OK, so below is the floor plan for our new kitchen. At the top is going to be a door to a porch...B (on thel eft) is a large casement window, on the bottom left is an exterior door to the backyard, on the bottom is a door to a hallway, on the bottom right is a doorway to the dining room, and on the right is going to be a large pass-through we are creating.

I am pretty satisfied with this plan...except where the stove top is. I am dreading this because:
1. People will have to sit on the otherside of the pass-through in front of a hot stove;
2. the exhaust fan will create noise, cutting me off from the rest of the house
3. we spend money to open a hole in the wall and then plop a piece of metal right in the middle;
4. the hood won't work as well since it's going to be pulling in air from all directions instead of a wall mounted unit
5. we have radiant/hydronic heat so where the heck is the make up air going to come from??

I am trying, for the life of me, to figure out where to put the stove if we don't put it there. Due to the amount of doors, windows, etc., it's difficult to find a different configuration. Does anyone have any ideas?

We could put the stove directly across from the fridge, and the sink where the stove partner isn't too ecstatic about the sink in the passthrough/island area though.

Any other thoughts?


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That's weird that the image didn't upload! Here it is:

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forget about centering the sink under the window..move it to the left and proceed with placement of stove in your upper left corner ..... counter between sink and stove will be expanded once sink is shifted. To the right of fridge, create greater depth to the counter by installing the cabs out. In a galley, some shorter segments of counter with a longer deep counter in a great spot like that will work. And your "shorter" segments aren't really so difficult to contend with anyway.

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Does your pass-through have counter seating on the other side? My brother cut a pass through in his kitchen and has the range (gas) on the other side with a hood. Honestly, the hood is not very obtrusive. He does not have any counter seating, but there is a table in the dining room on the other side of the pass through. In my opinion it looks fantastic in his kitchen. That said, if you don't like it, then do something else. Put the refrigerator somewhere on the sink wall (as herbflavor suggested don't worry about centering the sink under the window) and move the range to the left so it is clear of the passthrough.

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You'll need a larger pantry, so close up the pass-through a bit. If you foresee using it like a bar, you can add a small bar sink there, and then do short cabinets above it to hold glasses.

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We have a pantry just out of view so that is covered.

Yes the pass through will extend out and have seating. I guess my main overriding concern is that the hood won't be sufficient and my whole house will reek of salmon and bacon.

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