New PebbleTect Pool - uneven color streaks

MAPoolOwnerAugust 7, 2014

Hi All,
we recently got our pool refinished with PebbleTec Tropical Breeze and after filling of the pool there are still some very noticeable lighter "streaks" in the finish. It has been over a month and they have not disappeared. The Pool Builder tried some localized acid application, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I also brushed, but no change. It seems to me that the plaster is actually lighter in those areas, the Tropical Breeze plaster is usually more like a dark blue gray.
At this point the pool builder said they'll try another acid application, but so far they have been giving us the run-around because they're "busy".
There are a few areas, but one is in the shallower end of the pool and pretty noticeable since it has like a "half-moon" shape.
Is there anything that could be done to remedy this? Would another acid application help?
Thanks for any input!

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Here's another pic with a wider view of the affected area.

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OMG you're right, that looks horrible!!!

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Hi MAPoolOwner,
We experienced a similar problem with our new pool build 18 mo ago. We determined that the lighter areas were the result of not enough / improper acid washing. In other words, too much substrate was left around and over the pebbles in those lighter blotches. In their defense, too much acid washing will create a rough finish & how the acid drains during the process can also explain blotches. Our pool was done in Onyx. Photo #1 shows how there's not enough pebble revealed creating a light blotch, Photo #2 shows an area that was properly acid washed creating the proper color. Photo #3 shows all the blotching we had. In the end, we drained the pool, the pebble contractor returned and did another aggressive acid wash concentrating on the light blotches. 18 months later, we are hard pressed to pick out the blotches, but there is a very small area that is quite rough as too much pebble was revealed. The fix for that is to drain and sand with a diamond sanding disc, but it hasn't been a problem so we haven't pursued that fix. Good luck!

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Photo #2

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Photo #3

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Sorry to hear about the pebble problems. It would burn to have the pebble un even given the upcharge on the finish.

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