Update: Home inspection done!

nhbasketsFebruary 5, 2014

We are one step closer to selling our home and moving on to the next chapter. Our home inspection was on Monday afternoon. We knew about the mold that we just discovered in our attic due to improper ventilation by the builder 20 years ago. Funny how we are now finding out all our neighbors have discovered the same thing but never mentioned it. Guess it's one of those 4-letter words that remains unspoken. We had already planned to take care of the cause and remediate the issue, so the buyers were pleased.

The remainder of the inspection was perfect. They said our home was in wonderful condition for its age (20 years). Couldn't have asked for a better report. Now we can concentrate on picking finishes for our new home and packing. Thank goodness we will only need to move once and not until mid-May!

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Congratulations! Nice to hear that your inspection process is going smoothly. Often, that is not the case. Have fun picking out things for the new home. NancyLouise

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Great you are done with the Home inspection procedure. We are still preparing for the same and looking for help. I know preparations are must to survive this procedure and small mistakes can make or break this deal.

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Adam, good luck with your inspection! The resolution to our mold issue starts today with ridge vents being installed. The crew arrived 15 minutes ago and are now clearing the snow off our roof. I feel so sorry for them as it's in the teens outside!

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