How many LEDs do I need

dboswellAugust 24, 2010

I am having a having a 28' x 14' free form pool built. It will be 3.5' x 5' deep. It will have (undecided as of now) either a Topaz or Aquamarine quartz finish. Also, i will be using either Jandy Watercolors or Intellibrite LED in both the spa and pool. My question is, is one LED light enough for that size pool?

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One in the spa. Depending on the shape, one may be enough but two will provide a more homogeneous glow.


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I have a similar sized pool, but with a darker finish, with one Intelibrite in the spa and one in the pool. I would definitely add a second LED to the pool.

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You only need one, but you may want two. Our freeform pool is 31 x 14ish with one intellibrite LED (deep end). One light is sufficient to light up the entire pool well when it's on white, and it's adequent when the light is blue or green. But the shallow end is much too dark with the red light, since shorter wavelengths don't penetrate as far. Our son has requested that we never use any program that includes red in the cycle.

We actually prefer the white above all the other colors anyway - it looks very nice with the bordeaux pebblesheen.

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You guys are killing me. There's another $900 for the light and wiring. I guess I asked though. Any comments on a quartz aquamarine or topaz finish. I'd love to see some pictures of either. It doesn't even have to be with the LED lighting. Daytime would be great.

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