Bone White Sink & Toilet- What color Bathroom Walls?

susanlynn2012May 17, 2012

Bone White Sink & Toilet- What color Bathroom Walls? I cross posted this in the Kitchen Forum also.

I would love pictures since the Ralph Lauren (matched in BM Regal Paint in a pearl finish in 2006 year) Deep Cream has always bothered me in all three of my bathrooms. I repainted the Master Bathroom BM Navajo White(similar color but does not have that lemon tinge and is slightly darker) and it would look nice if it was not poorly done and paint is dripping from the walls. The floors are ivory. I am thinking of painting the little guest bathroom downstairs that I have in my home office that clients use first.

I have here so many paint chips that I picked up at a place that I was getting keys made at today.

If you don't have pictures, any suggestions that would look good?

I WISH my toilets and sinks were white, then I could paint the walls any color that I wanted. All the vanities are an ivory bone color also. The room next to the bathroom is BM Bone White with BM White trim.

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You're not as limited as you might think..... in one of our baths we have bone fixtures; I don't have photos, but our most recent (and favorite repaint) was done in a soft green (I started with BM Silken Pine, but it was much too pale). I selected my shower curtain (which is a botanical print), and chose the wall paint from one of the colors in that. And since the curtain also has some lavendar in it, I'm using lavendar towels. I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Even with the bone, you can still paint your walls any color you want...bone is as much a neutral as is white. That shouldn't stop you.

What you need is an inspiration piece...something that helps you decide the color direction to take.

My wild-a** powder room was driven by this painting I fell in love with, bought the poster and framed it, then pulled all the colors out of there for the room.

Walls are BM Adobe Orange, ceiling is BM soft fern that matches the rug in the painting and floor is a blue gray italian tile like the sterling silver in the painting. People either love it or don't get it. Then I found a painting my grandmother did that goes beautifully in there. It's an interior space but is definitely bright!

My point is, don't let the bone limit you in any way whatsoever. It's your space. Have fun!

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Take a look at Benjamin Moore Caribbean Breeze, it goes beautifully with a bone color and is soooo restful and pretty.

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Yayagal, I will take a look at Caribbean Breeze since it does look very pretty in the pictures I found online.

Annie, your bathroom is so pretty. I wish I had a white pedestal sink instead of all the bone in my small bathroom. But if I change out the vanity, sink and toilet in one bathroom, then I would want to do it in the two other bathrooms that I have and the cost would be too much as I have other things in the house I want to do.

I will bring home paint chips and see what I like with the bone color. I also will look for inspirational pictures online and see if there are any pictures with bone sinks and toilets.

Southerngal25, that sounds so pretty! Please post pictures if you can when you are done decorating your bathroom. I do have a green shower curtain in the middle bathroom and olive towels in the Master bathroom since green seemed to go well with the bone but the walls with the Deep Cream are bothering me and I want to change the color. I am using towel paper in the guest bathroom so the room really has no color at all.

Thank you all for replying. Anyone else?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Dont feel you have to have the same color fixtures in all the bathrooms. They just need to be the same in that one room. Regardless, my sink and pot in the powder room are not white but off white as is the trim color. Dont get too hung up on this bone thing as it will paralyze your creativity. Rather see it for the lovely color it is and go with it...redefine it from bone to off white and then go in any direction.

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Thank you AnnieDeighnaugh for the suggestion which I will take.

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Lynn I used the Caribbean only where the vanity is in my bathroom, I have a brand new bone tub and surround. I used vinyl slip proof floors in a light neutral blend and the added pops of white all over and it looks wonderful

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yayagal, You are cheering me up that I can make my bathrooms look nice. My powder room is so small but cute and the vanity is also bone as well as the sink. The guest bathroom has a bone vanity, bone sink, bone bathtub and bone toilet. I used a green shower curtain in that room but the deep cream color on the wall does not look right. In my Master Bathroom, I have a poor paint job of Navajo White that needs to be repainted (streaks down the wall) so I need to decide on a color with a double vanity that is a bone/ivory color with bone sinks, bone bathtub, taupe tile as well as bone tile and the floors or an ivory tile that one day I want to change since they are slippery when wet. I bought the olive towels in 2007 I think it was and they look nice with the olive rug but maybe I should get a white rug and towels?

If you are able to, post pictures on this site or send me an email, that would be appreciated, if not, I will try the Caribbean on a sample board and see if maybe I should repaint all three bathrooms. The added pops of white sound so nice.

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I went through a similar decision process recently when painting my kitchen/family room, which has off-white trim that might be similar to your bone color. I found that the best colors were medium sage or gray-green colors. Previously I had Ben Moore Cheyenne Green, which worked well, but for the sake of change I used River Gorge Gray, which I love, but could be dark for a bathroom. I'd also look at creamy terra cotta colors. There's a color called Milk & Honey from the BM Affinity collection that I love, might be worth checking out.

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Thank you Sueb20! It has been now 10 days since my gallbladder surgery so maybe I will be able to finally drive tomorrow and get some of these chip colors since they sound pretty and see how they look in my powder room since I thought I would start with that room first. I think being sick has things bother me more and makes me realize life is short and I want to repaint the bathrooms to make me happier.

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