Do you have quilting plans for this weekend? March 12 -13

lindaoh_gwMarch 10, 2011

I am a little early with my question this week.

If time allows, I want to quilt both the tops that I made last weekend. On Wed. I bought the backing for my Twister quilt and tonight at my quilt group meeting we chose fabric for the baby quilt. I plan to prepare the backings tomorrow so they are ready to load on the frame.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Linda OH

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A friend and I are going to her church tomorrow morning to spray baste a couple of quilts each then I will start machine quilting one and handquilting the other. I also plan to make a few more blocks for my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. My husband and son are going to the Woodshow tomorrow so I will have a few hours to work uninterrupted.

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We're supposed to be snowed in for 24 hours. If we are, I'll spend the bulk of tomorrow in the sewing room. I am finishing off a blue/white and scrappy queen-sized quilt to put on an antique iron bed I'll be setting up in my former office. It has seventy two eleven inch blocks in it and it's growing like it has a life of its own, as I eyeball how large it gets and keep deciding it 'needs one more row'. I'll machine quilt this one in three sections and I have one section of quilt top completely done. I need to add six blocks of border each to the other two sections and I can start mounting it to the batting and backing. It was a spur-of-the moment project and one I hadn't planned on until I got the one done on my design wall. LOL. But, I'll finish this one up before I get back to the only quilt I am 'supposed' to be working on now.

I finished hand-quilting my twister baby quilt this morning and threw it in the laundry. Poke me with a fork, I am done!

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How do you guys machine quilt so fast? Are you using a long arm on a frame? The last one I quilted took me more than a week (doing it in the evenings after working all day).

I was hoping to meet up with my Baltimore Album teacher on Saturday to help me place my blocks and figure out what style blocks I need to fill in the gaps. She was going to be at our LQS, so it would be easy for me to meet her, but her class was canceled, so she won't be there :-( Maybe I need to take some pictures and let you guys help?????

Otherwise, one last Girl Scout cookie booth and my dd has a skating birthday party to attend on Saturday. I need to get out in the yard and clean up all the debris from the trees from the recent wind and storms. They sure did leave a mess! I do hope to get my birthday block done this weekend, so I can get it in the mail the first of the week.

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Pretty much the same as last week-end....sigh.


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I have a couple birthday blocks to get done asap, but other than that I don't have any firm plans. I think this is going to be a house cleaning weekend, not a sewing weekend. (sigh...)

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I'm sewing tomorrow (maybe a little later today after I finish cleaning the house). I want to finish the water wheel top I started in my class last Sat.

This afternoon I stopped at JoAnn's and bought 10 yards of W&N batting w/ my 50% coupon. Sunday I need to go get fabric for backing with the next one.

Sunday night we're going to Tampa to see the Capitol Steps. I'm excited - we haven't seen them in a long time! We'll probably hit the Mongolian grill in Lakeland for an early dinner on the way.


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I went to the Dallas Quilt Show today and am going back tomorrow. I hope to get some blocks made sometime this weekend, and now I have tons of ideas for new quilts.

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right now i'm holding my 2 month old grandson and will be babysitting him today. around lunchtime a high school girl is coming over to work on her senior project ... a quilt using her school colors. hoping to be nearly done with it. maybe tomorrow i will get the chance to sew. working on a baby sling for my niece and quilting a baby quilt for the wee one in my arms.

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I have 80 blocks for my DD's bed quilt finished and will probably lay them out on the family room floor and start sewing them together.

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I hope to get the quilting decided on a quilt that I am not overly fond of, so having a hard time. It has been laying on the living room floor for 2 weeks now-I keep finding dog toys on it :).
I want to finish 6 more pinwheels & make decisions on borders for a quilt I started as a gift for my MIL when I first started learning to piece quilts - 2 years ago. I pulled the project out, and I am so close to finishing it....I was scared I would cringe when I looked at it-but I am still very happy as I am a precise sewer, so the workmanship is good and I made good color & fabric choices - very planned - and I am able to figure out where I left off in the directions in the book. Yea! Hopefully I will get it done this month.

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The weather is supposed to be grand here in Colorado ... makes it hard to stay inside! I need to do a little cleaning & have a former student coming over to help him complete a college scholarship application.

I started an DP16P after reading another post and am working on the sashings between rows this weekend. Hope to get it all ready to quilt. I sent the link to the tutorial instructions to my mom in AZ and she has one all cut & ready to sew! THIS PLACE IS ADDICTING!!!

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I hit the local thrift store yesterday and scored a nice stash of fabric. Somebody was obviously cleaning out a sewing room. There were several pieces with 4 or more yards of fabric on them. I brought home a huge stack which I just tossed into the washer. One piece has over 10 yds on it. That one I will save for a quilt backing.
There's a couple of pieces that will get used for things for the grand kids but the scraps will go into a quilt. Everything else will get put into quilts.

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I can't wait to see the pics of all of these gorgeous quilts!!!! We have having beautiful weather so I was out in the yard in the AM.
Later I am working on a baby quilt for a niece.

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I was hoping to work on my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks but so far today have been finishing some PP blocks that members of my guild made. They are for our 2nd place raffle prize this year. They are birds and for the most part they are very well done. Three of them didn't have the borders sewn on although the fabrics were included and the instructions said to sew the borders on. As well, most of them didn't have the eye done. There was embroidery floss included. I guess people don't like to do hand embroidery. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some SBS blocks done.

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I haven't loaded any quilts on the frame but I did make the small Twister quilt with the scraps from the large quilt. Maybe tomorrow!
Linda OH

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OK, The twister/wonky blocks are sewn together....will work on the rest of it when I get back in June....if I remember! The next BD block is thought out but have to rinse some of the squares as they came in a charm pack.

My process for rinsing charms: Get Color Catcher and put all in sink full of hot water. Swish this a couple times. Squeeze best you can but do not twist. Lay squares out on thirsty towel; roll up towel; stomp on towel like you found a bug and want it dead; lay squares on a dry towel on your big ironing board and place under ceiling fan til dry then iron. @:)


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