Help! Haven't started, over budget and want this $$sink!

sanjuangirlMarch 26, 2013

We're supposed to start our kitchen reno right after Easter. I was so excited that I finally had a budget until I realized I had already mentally spent many thousands over what my DH says is my budget. My contractor says the first thing he wants to install is my new sink (long story but I know this is the best place to begin). He wants me to order the sink tomorrow. At first I liked the practicality of the low divide Kohlers which are pricey but doable. Then I saw this sink:

Traditional Kitchen Sinks by Denver Kitchen And Bath Fixtures

Now it's the only sink I want. Is it worth the extra $1,000 or $1,300 to have a beautiful sink like this? My sink is quite visible from all angles of the room.........if that justifies it.

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Hmmm. Idk. Everyone has something that really makes their heart flutter.....if it is that sink (which is lovely) then maybe you could cut back somewhere else?

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A recommendation:. Start an excel spreadsheet and list each and every thing you need with estimated prices- from the beloved sink to appliances, sheetrock, cabinets, flooring, electrical, whatever. Validate the prices to be sure they are accuarate and add up the total list. Unless you are lucky, chances are your list wiil exceed your budget. Then you take the list and look at it in totality to determine where to make tradeoffs. Only then will you be able to make an informed decision.

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Simpler solution - up your budget - you only live once :-)

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Heidi, I keep finding things that make my heart flutter, the sink is beautiful it worth it.

Babushka, thank you for your thoughtful suggestions, we did an excel spreadsheet and the budget I got was less than needed so I've made some difficult choices, such as not replacing my floor with wood. That saved about 9k and I still need to save more. I went to look for floor model appliances to save since they will all be covered with panels. I can save some but they don't have most of what i need . (sigh) This sink is highly visible so it's a wow for me. I'm highly visual so I care a lot about how things look. Perhaps it's misplaced priorities.

Weismann, I'm all for upping the budget! Cheers to you!

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Two years ago my builder quoted new wooden floors as being around $5 square foot, installed. (Or, at least I seem to remember this figure, maybe I'm way off). Are you sure wood is not an option?

If you have the luxury of time... figure out the appliances you want, make a list of the stores in the area which carry them, and then call weekly to see whether your desired model(s) are available. Also check ebay and Craigslist. In what area of the country are you? Someone may be able to suggest places to try.

I purchased a ridiculously expensive SS sink and it's one of the things I look back on and shake my head. It's definitely not a focal point in my kitchen, as yours appears it would be.

While there were plenty of splurges, I tried to keep function and layout a priority. I wanted a high functioning, gas cooktop and I think a good hood was my first purchase.

When you shop for appliances, ask for a discount if you purchase multiple ones at the same time. Many manufacturer's do not let their prices be discounted so stores will discount other items in the same order. Our silgranit sink was 'free' in this way since I ordered it with the cooktop and MW drawer.

Good luck!

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Have you looked at the Sears Outlet? You can search the inventory online to find appliances that you may want. Their stock consists of a large number of appliances that are floor models or refurbished for a marked discount (not installed in a client's home apparently). AND the full manufacturer's warranty applies. It would be a great way to save a few thousand if you're getting all new appliances. I wanted to do this but my hubby nixed the idea, what a nut.

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First, it is a beautiful sink. Second, only you can decide how to allocate the $'s in your budget.
It's really early in the process to decide that this will be your one splurge. This is true both from a monetary standpoint and a design standpoint. Monetarily, you don't know what will come up that may cost more than anticipated and you may need these dollars for something structurally or functionally mandatory. Design-wise you don't have all your design decisions made, and what if you find another element that you love but which is not cohesive with the design of the sink, or that makes you re-think the money spent on the sink.
Good luck on your decision.

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Take another look at your budget. There are guidelines that are in place for how much is an appropriate one for a kitchen redo. 10-20% of your home value is one for those who don't live in a very low or very high cost of living area. How much you would spend on a new car is another. Those guidelines are to keep you from over or under spending when compared to your neighborhood. If your numbers are already much higher than the guidelines, then you need to sit down and talk about the repercussions of over improving for your neighborhood. If the numbers are much lower, then you also need to look at the fact that you aren't doing something appropriate to the home and neighborhood.

Personally, I find that sink almost too decorative for most kitchens. Kohler has a lot more farm sinks with decorative fronts that aren't so busy, so you might take a look at them first before deciding on something so unique as that Interlace design in Sandbar color. It's equally beautiful (and pricey) in the white or almond color, and more likely to go with changing tastes down the road. A 3K sink needs to be assured of a lifetime home.

Earthen White

Tidings design on Biscuit

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If you are paneling your appliances; I assume the frig is built in? How important is it to you to panel them? You can pick up 3K easy if you don't panel or just give the look of a built it frig but don't get a true integrated frig.

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I went to look for floor model appliances to save since they will all be covered with panels.

Foregoing the panelling - there's several thousand you can save right there. That will leave money for your sink cost and then some. And, you said ALL the appliances will be covered with panels? Must they all? Let's discuss the fridge. An integrated panel-ready fridge costs minimum $5000+ before the panels. If you find a floor model, it's still going to be several thousand more than a non-integrated fridge. If instead you are buying a non-integrated fridge that is counterdepth, and panelling it, you won't have a fridge that looks like part of your cabinetry; you will have a fridge, with trim and hinges visible, that looks like a fridge that has panels applied to it. Even moreso if it has a water dispenser in the door. So, perhaps save several thousand by buying a fridge with stainless doors, and simply allowing your fridge to look like a fridge. What other appliances will you be panelling? I think panelling a DW is a nice idea cause you won't have the drips show, but if you are trying to squeeze that sink in your budget, along with other costs, perhaps forego the paneled DW also. What other appliances will you be panelling? A warming drawer? Again, does it really need to be paneled?

We do not know the size of your kitchen, or what sort of look you are going for, so I am giving you advice based on the few comments you've made. Perhaps provide us with more information as to total budget, how big is your kitchen, what kind of cabinetry you are getting.

My final question, why does your contractor need the sink first? Is it because you want an apron front, so he needs to work the cabinetry around it? I am just wondering...

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If you are like me and started with a vision of the things you are going to select (based on ideabooks/scrapbooks), then you likely know already what some of the major elements are going to look like. If the sink is going to be the star of the show, have you considering what the counters and bs will look like? These things have a tendency to spiral out of control. (speaking from someone currently in a spiraling nosedive, as far as budget goes).

I suspect your cabinets have already been ordered. If not, some of the extras can end up being pretty pricey and can be a budget saver. For example, we chose not to put integrated decorative panels on the underside of a counter overhand facing a wall (just using an apron and trim mouldings - saved like $2K)

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I would never spend that much on a sink even if I could, but that's me. I do think it's important to get things that you love, that is, not settle for something you really don't want.

"He wants me to order the sink tomorrow. At first I liked the practicality of the low divide Kohlers which are pricey but doable. Then I saw this sink:"

So then, you just saw this? I would sit on it and keep looking around. Tell your contractor you don't have the sink yet so start with something else. After stepping away for a good bit of time you find you still must have this sink, then spend your money on what seems to be that important to you. All depends on how much money you have to throw around. Some people can splurge like that without consequence.

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For me - it was the faucet - way over budget but had to have it and then my DM said - you need to get that faucet.. If you can squeeze it in - go for it!

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Thank you for all of your thoughts. We are basically doing a kitchen facelift. My kitchen has perfectly nice maple cabinets which happen to have an orange hue. All of the counter tops are black galaxy and I've found it oppressive since we moved in. It's funny, but men generally love this kitchen and can't understand why I would want changes; but I do, I have and I've lived with it for 12 years and I'm ready to make changes. Most of the appliances are near the end of their useful life. So we're painting the cabinets and replacing some with glass and gorgeous mullions in 2 of the doors (another budget buster!), new sink, new appliances, my high microwave will be replaced with the Sharpe drawer model. I'm going to try to do something with my soffits, but we won't know exactly what until we get in there. I'm changing the granite on my island and also the shape of it. We may add a banquette if it makes sense space wise. We also will be re configuring some of the other cabinets and adding embellishments such as moldings and new hardware.I'm getting rid of my Black Galaxy bs and have found gorgeous options for the bs, yet another budget buster...... I also have to change all of the carpet in the house, redo all the bathroom cabinets. Since I'll have a lot of my huge slab left over I want to use it in the upstairs bathrooms. We are also painting the entire house, adding some crown moldings, changing out armoires made for old tv's to be refitted for the new slim ones. etc. etc. So it's a big project with lots of parts. I just got stuck on the sink! I also discovered Edgar Birabi hardware. Need to stop looking at this stuff!

Green Designs, I love both of those sinks but they're only 21 inches and I need a bigger sink. The one I want is 33 and it would fit perfectly in the granite without having to change it. This will save some money since I won't have to replace the existing slab. Sorry I may have forgotten to mention that I have to keep the perimeter BG since there's so much of it and it would cost way too much to replace all of it.We won't be overspending at all for the neighborhood even if we doubled the budget!

Shannon and Remodel, I'm putting new appliances back into existing cabinetry so there's no changing it without a significant amount of money being spent on the cabinets. I really like the look of "disappearing" appliances so it's important to me as well.

I did hit a bright spot today when I found the EXACT double convection wall ovens I want for a $1,000 savings at Fegusons clearance room!!!! I could not find any of the other appliances for any less and I called and went everywhere. I'm in South Orange County, California.

I have to run out now but will try to post my rudimentary plan when I get back. I also have an old post that shows my kitchen currently somewhere so I'll try to revive that thread.

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I just want to understand your comment about the "disappearing" appliances. You said you are putting new appliances into existing 12-year-old cabinetry. Then how will you find panels for the appliances to match your existing cabinetry? And, if you want the appliances to be "disappearing" as you said, you will need to buy a fully-integrated refrigerator. Those are very expensive, minimum $5000 (that would be a bargain or scratch-and-dent), and there is a limited number of fully-integrated-fridge brands that will fit in the space in your existing cabinetry. If on the other hand, you are buying a new cabinet-depth fridge that is not an "integrated fridge", it will likely fit in the space of your existing cabinetry with maybe an inch or two difference in the height or the width. But then it won't disappear. A non-integrated fridge means you will see the handles, trim, grill, and the water dispenser if you are getting one.

So you have two issues with wanting disappearing appliances - (a) finding panels that will match your 12-year-old cabinetry and that will fit the new appliances, and (b) the added expense of the panel-ready appliances themselves, vs. appliances that do not need panels.

I am linking a thread where you can see pics of the different kinds of paneled fridges. Beaglesdoitbetter's post--about half-way down--has good comparison pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Built in Refrigerators

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I can tell you that if you pick an expensive standout sink like that, you'll most likely find that it drives the rest of the kitchen, the finishes, etc. Standout sinks don't seem to play well with others. Ask me how I know.

If you are okay with that then okie dokie.

I bought an impulse copper sink with a patina, which although beautiful, has put the kai-bosh on multiple decorative touches that I thought I'd really like. Now, having said that, I'll also say that it also has helped me get to a place in my kitchen design that I'm really loving so.... just be sure is all I'm saying cause for that $$ there is no going back for most people.

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Shannon, I guess my refrigerator won't really disappear since it is a built-in 42 inch side by side and my family insists that they can't do without the water and ice dispenser on the door. The post by Beagles was very informative, I didn't understand the differences. I love the way the fridge can totally disappear; but it's not in my budget. My cabinet guy said he can make new panels for the appliances to match my cabinets. My cabinets are a raised panel traditional design which would probably be what I would choose if I were getting new ones.

Old Bat2be, Quite a bit of the costs associated with wood is the demo of the existing floors. The wood I choose is $9 per square foot with installation, so it adds a lot to the bottom line.

I would get this sink in the Sandbar color which is a soft beige. I still really think it's beautiful.....

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I don't understand why people want to disguise appliances as cabinetry in a kitchen, and at significant expense.

BTW, beautiful sink, albeit slightly bathroom-y looking, but it might be all the tile surrounding it.

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There is a Pacific Sales outlet in Torrance - on Hawthorne. They had some really nice stuff too. As for the sink, I'd focus on something else. You like it now, but you could get sick of it just as fast.

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A ohhhhh I don't want a bath roomy sink look. Although I don't see it that way. It's the Kohler Dickinson, modified with the etched lace pattern. It looks very kitcheny when it isn't dressed up!

Thanks 1929 Spanish. I will call them to see if they have any of the appliances I'm looking for.

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