I'm drunk on all things pool....

banana_fannaAugust 28, 2010

Almost 5 years on this forum and we're about to sign.

LOL. I'm giddy!

I've wanted a pool for, like, forever. But with Mr. Banana Fanna and me both working in an industry that got hurt especially hard in this economy, things have been sketchy the past few years to say the least. Things are on the upswing and I wish that for you and yours if you've also been hit. I think that includes just about everyone, right?

The guy who we're going to sign with doesn't even know it yet. His company was one of a few that gave us bids 2 years ago when we thought we were going to do it then. But when the auto industry took a turn for the worse, we apologetically told him that a contract wasn't in the cards, (waaahhh) shook hands and parted ways. Well, he's still in business, the pool plan hasn't changed much - I've tweaked it slightly since I've had YEARS to ponder it, LOL, so I'm hoping to call him next week and ask him to give us a price once again. I hope he'll be as glad to work with us as we will be to finally work with him. I can't imagine him more excited than me, though. :-)

Thanks to all here for your wisdom and humor. Wish us luck and I'll be back next week to raise my cyber glass of champagne - although after signing it'll be strictly Beer Budget from now on.

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Hey banana fanna!
Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! Wishing you the best for your build!!

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banana....Thank you for your humor and perspective over the years on the forum. Looking forward to hearing more about your pool and build.


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CHEERS to you! That is great. We are in the same boat and have had financial difficulties the last couple of year but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. If all goes well (God willing!) we will start getting bids again in October/November. Keep us updated and we want pictures when the fun starts.

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Post a picture of your plans, I'm sure we'd all love to see!

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Congrats on moving forward on your project!!!
In my industry every pool sold, by any builder, is just as helpful to the toward the industry rebounding as is every new car/truck sold by the manufacturer/dealer who employs you and your hubby.

I, like trhought, always find your replies cute and helpful.
I got a little chuckle on this one """Well, he's still in business,"""
I'm as equally excited for him as for you and your family, it's still a rocky road but things seem to be on a little bit of an upswing.

You remind me a lot of myself with your passion for swimming pool ownership.
Trust me on this, everything I post and every backyard I've enjoyed, or constructed for other families is due to this love.
I'm not just a pool guy, I'm a pool kind of guy and it would be the same if I was just another pool owner. The climate of SE Texas and raising 4 kids go hand in hand with pool ownership.


See ya,

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