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cnr1089August 27, 2010

Before I call my pool builder, I was curious if someone had some insight on what I have.

My pool is in the decking phase and we are probably 1.5 weeks from all that work being complete before the pool equipment is installed.

We have a "hybrid" heat system, that is a 400k BTU propane heater (for fast heat ups, etc) and a Electric Heat Pump. We do NOT have a spa (well we do, but it is portable, so doesn't fit into this equation).

Looking at the contract, I noticed we have a Hayward Goldline Pro Logic P4 with handheld Aqua Pod Remote. The description online describes the different Pro Logic models as follows:

PS-16 - Controls up to 16 high-voltage relays, 8 valves, 2 heaters and solar

PS-16V Â Controls up to 8 high-voltage relays, 8 virtual functions, 8 valves, 2 heaters and solar

PS-8 Â Controls up to 8 high-voltage relays, 4 valves, 2 heaters and solar

PS-8V Â Controls up to 4 high voltage relays, 4 virtual functions, 4 valves, 2 heaters and solar

PS-4 - Controls up to 4 high voltage relays, 4 valves, 2 heaters and solar

P-4 Â Controls up to 4 high-voltage relays, 3 valves, 1 heater and solar

We clearly have two heaters. I am hoping they meant PS-4 not P4, right? Or is there some trick I don't know about. The P4 does list solar, but clearly solar systems are different then the Heat Pump from a control point of view, right?

Also, we are having ColorLogic LED lights installed, but since we are doing it for an efficiency point of view, not for the fancy colors (our pool builder threw them during negotiation, but not with the proper controllers). From the goldlinecontrols website (which is absolutely horrible about breaking out which products they have), they imply that lighting is an add on module to the Aqua Plus. Is this something I can add on later?

From the website the options for the Pro Logic are:

Sense and Dispense, Total Pool Chemistry Automation

Salt Chlorination

Remote Control - Wireless and Wired

Aqua Connect, Home Automation Interface

ColorLogic LED Lights Automation

Virtual Control

I know that Salt Chlorination and Remote Control are included, but I can't for the life of me find out how to add these in the future and how much it costs (again, I am avoiding asking my pool builder until I have all the information, but I want to make informed decisions on any change I make).


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When it comes to heat control the guys at Goldline did it right. The Aqualogic systems can control: gas, heatpump, and solar. You can use them seperatly, or set up the heatpump as preferred. This is the only system that allows seperate control of more then one heater.

Beyond that Hayward bought the company and now it s--ks.
Just my opinon of course.

But will work well with your setup.

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