Any feedback on Lifesmart antiqua rock solid series?

nyboyAugust 16, 2012

Am thinking about home depot just plug in hot tub. Anyone have a Lifesmart Antiqua rock solid?

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Get a hot tub at a dealer. The folks at HD know zip about how they work and how to care and service it.


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Thank you scott, what I liked was the claim you just plug in to any outlet.

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120VAC spas do not heat when on high speed. It would draw too much current.

Plug into any outlet? Not quite. It must be GFCI protected. It must be 20 amp service. Most plugs and wiring are designed for 15 amp service.

Lets say HD was selling a jet in the parking lot I could buy. I don't know bupkis about flying or maintaining a Lear jet. I would seriously doubt the HD folks would either. A spa is the same concept though not quite as complex but the point is made.


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I doubt it is well insulated. I also doubt parts will be available down the road. I have a 14 yr old Hot Spring and I can get any part I need still. My tub was 120V when I bought it and like Scort said, the heater would not run when the jets were on. I have since converted it to 240V and I like it much better. However I am sure ther are 120V spas from reputable dealers available.

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