Safety Cover or Dome?

sdemjsullyAugust 23, 2013

Caveat: this is our first summer with a pool, so we're on the newbie side of things.

Before I get to my cover v dome question, have a 'dumb' question for the community:

Energy cost aside, is there a reason (or reasons) why we have to close a pool for the winter? I'd think that the equipment running and circulating the water would prevent any freezing. While we have a 400K BTU heater, I know it would be ridiculously expensive to run. We're in S-East PA and would love to swim year-round, if possible.

Leads to the question: had a Loop Loc dealer suggest an inflatable dome in lieu of a safety cover as a way of using our pool during the winter, etc.

Has anyone done this, or know anyone that has? Not sure what a Loop Loc cover will cost us, but the dealer gave a rough estimate for the dome of $8K.


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If you want to use it year round, the dome will help lock in the heat, so you won't have to spend so much energy reheating each time. Also, it absorbs the sun's energy to help heat a bit as well. A regular cover just protects the surface of the pool so no one falls in, etc. It can protect a bit of the heat from escaping, but not as well as a dome would.

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Do you, or anyone you know of have a dome? I'm not sure what the Loop Loc cover will cost, but curious about the cost comparison.

Our pool is an irregular shape (see attached image), so I'm not sure how the dome would be anchored where we don't have concrete.

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I'm curious as to how you would attach the loop loc (if you went that route). We are in the design phase and were told we needed a 3' concrete peremeter around our pool in order to use one. We have a very sloped backyard (also in PA) and to out a 3' edge on the far side requires a very large and expensive retaining wall that we are trying to avoid. We are also in PA.

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We've been told by a couple of servicing companies (dealers) that they will install (at an angle) a series of long anchors in the ground, and cover the area around the waterfall with a material that covers the gap.

Attached a pic below (not our pool) that shows the way gaps are handled (according to this servicing company anyway).

Got one estimate, for a Loop Loc mesh cover measuring approx. 27.5' x 43' (total of 1204 sq ft). Estimate is $4,540.

Dome estimate (33' x 47') is $10,600.

Any opinion on the Loop Loc estimate? Not sure if this is high or fair.

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Interesting. Maybe I need to talk to actual loop loc dealers instead of the pool company. That's seems about right on price. It's a custom shape. I think our quote was $3700 for an 18x32 freeform. My neighbor was in the $4k range for her custom pool.

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Here's an idea of what we plan to do. It's an above ground pool going in the ground as much as possible (retaining wall to do a true inground broke the bank). This particular pool (Radiant metric freeform) is 18x32 with a concrete patio on flat side and them the exposed pool wall will be covered by a purely decorative (no footers) landscape block wall. We don't want to have to use the standard cover that goes with this particular pool but no one can give us anywhere options at this point.

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The Loop Loc dealers we've spoken with have said that they need some concrete to install the cover, since the anchors are drilled into the concrete. For our grass area, they will use long tubes into which the anchors will be placed.

Not sure how they do it with above/partially in-ground pools.

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I don't know of anyone with pool covers as I live in Southern California. I hope the dealer is able to help you.

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Bce2still, See you have a Radiant Pool, We are thinking of going with a Radiant pool here. Could you tell me if you installed it yourself, or had a contractor do the install? How long have you had it, etc.

We are thinking of going with a 16 x 24 semi in ground. Any input would be great. Thanks

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Not sure if you've made a decision or not but....
You can see by the instructions I attached for Arctic Armor covers the lawn tube anchors are used for pavers, lawns etc. where concrete is not available or covered by decorative pavers (which standard anchors cannot be used). The cable/padding system is standard procedure for raised walls, such as a waterfall feature. The loop loc estimate seems high - unless you are not installing this yourself?

Here is a link that might be useful: Arctic Armor Safety Cover Installation Instructions

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