getting rid of carpet indentations?

elle481February 27, 2009

I have moved some furniture and the carpet underneath is indented from the funiture legs, etc. I have tried to fluff it with my fingers, but it still is indented. Any helpful hints so the rooms don't look like everything has just been recently moved? ~L

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My sister-in-law used a steamer on carpet indentations with pretty good results. If you don't have a steamer, you could try the steam setting on an iron, just don't let the iron actually touch the carpet. Hold the iron above the indentation and push the steam button. Do this several times until it looks as if the steam has raised the pile, fluff and it should be good.

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I saw this on one of those HGTV shows (haven't tried it myself) -- put ice cubes in the indentations, and let them melt. Once they've melted, vacuum over it, and the indentations should be gone.

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My mother always used an ordinary teaspoon/soup spoon - "bowl" side down and just lightly scraped the depressions up.

It works great to raise the pile back up.

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You might try using the tines of a fork to fluff- I've done it before and it's worked for me.

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This worked for me:

1) wet carpet with water to get it fairly damp throughout the dent, but not soaking wet.

2) place a folded towel over the dent.

3) use an iron on a low setting over the towel. Don't hold on the towel for too long. try for a couple seconds, remove iron, wait 20 seconds, do it again maybe 3 or 4 times.

You don't want to melt the carpet fibers with the iron, thus the method above. You might fluff up slightly after all this is done.

When I did the above I had pretty new carpet with real bad dents. The dents were 100% gone and the carpet still looked new in the fixed areas too.

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I use the ice cube method.....let it melt on the indention and then use your fingers (or something)to fluff up the carpet.

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