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kathi_mdgdMarch 16, 2012

Have google ads now in the center of the posts.Click on quilting-sewing and probably any of them,and as you scroll down thru the post,you'll find google ads!! What's next????


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I haven't seen any google ads. Colleen

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A google ad appeared in the middle of the page of posts yesterday - at least on my computer. It is a local ad in my case and assume the ad will be local for everyone. Today it is Janome in Vancouver. I guess someone has to pay for the forum and this is another way to get attention for advertisers.

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I noticed it today for the first time.
Linda OH

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It annoying all right!


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The ads help pay for GW to be free. That said, I do not see them (yay!)
I've linked below to the Discussion on the GW Computer Forum & the solution to block the ads.

Here is a link that might be useful: Block ads

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