Not what they showed me - solar blanket

cookie8August 5, 2011

I went and bought a new solar blanket and before I purchased it they showed me a sample piece that was very sturdy and very flexible. I didn't check what was in the box. Later that night I asked my son and husband to cut it out and set it up, which they did. My husband made a comment about how flimsy and it was. ??? was my reaction. I felt it the next day and it was nothing like what the sample was. I am kind of mad. I called the store to talk to the manager but she wasn't in so I spoke with the person who answered the phone. She told me the quality is just as good. I don't know anything about solar covers except how they work but nothing else. I did know I wanted the stiffer product so rolling it in wouldn't be a major pain, which it is with the new one. Now I am mad because I feel they are just trying to save face. Would I be safe to lecture the manager about retraining their staff to get to know their product because with all the pool stores out there I am done with this one and moving on? Does thickness depend on quality? The one I got is 11 mil. Will it hold in the warmth at night as we get pretty cool here. Thanks.

Yes I am angry with myself too for not being a smart consumer and putting the trust in someone else' hands. So here I am stuck with a PITA cover.

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Take it back?

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Even after it has been cut? I wish I would have checked it before my husband cut it. But he if fully capable and doesn't need me looking to make sure he does right and I didn't check before he cut. And I know he thought - well, if this is the one she wants.

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I am persistent when I am pissed, I would try and make them refund it, and if the manager gave me grief, I would call the corporate office.

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