This one came home...

mary_c_gwMarch 16, 2012

I made this quilt for my grandmother about 6 years ago. Shortly afterwards she moved to an assisted living facility, and then early last year to a nursing facility.

She rarely actually used the quilt, but it was proudly displayed in her room.

She died late last year, a few weeks before her 100th birthday. Now the quilt has come back to me. The crease will fall out soon. The colors are truer in the 2nd photo.

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That is a very pretty quilt! It's so nice the quilt and no doubt a lot of memories came back to you.
Best wishes, Corinne

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This is a beautiful quilt. I would cherish this quilt if it belonged to my grandmother. My grandmother died three years ago and I miss her every day. She lived next door to me and she was more like a mother than grandmother to me.She gave me a crochet bedspread but she was a quilter. I love the bedspread but wish she gave me a quilter instead.

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Definately one to be cherished. Beautiful quilt with a lovely story.


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Mary, I hope you'll use this quilt and not 'save' it. I'm thinking it will give you comfort and loving memories of your grandmother.....besides that, it's beautiful.


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Mary, I'm glad you got it back, and that you know she loved it!


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What great memories with such a lovely quilt. I'd put it in a place you pass by often to remind you of her.


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I think people in your Grandmother's generation like to keep their 'special items' in pristine condition and not use them, because they lived in a time when 'special things' were not abundant. To have a quilt you made her, that she could display proudly, was an honor and brought her much joy. I am so happy this quilt has come home to you Mary.
I also would keep it out in an area you see often , use it when you get chilly, and thing fondly of your Grandmother.
Very sweet :)

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Beautiful! I'm so glad you got it back. I crocheted my mother a circular shawl and it took me quit a few hours to make it. Her sister was going through dialysis and mother loaned her the shawl one day while visiting.
My mother never got it back and I have never seen any of the family wear it, so my thoughts are it was stolen.

I agree, use it, my mother and one of my sisters loves my quilts and they never use them!

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