HELP!! Mama needs safety fence advice!!

kled2008August 18, 2012

We have just purchased a home with an older pool and spa that we plan on renovating in about a year. In the meantime, I need advice/suggestions on pool fences (have a 16 month old and twins on the way) that are extremely safe, cost effective and attractive (last priority). When we renovate, we plan on using a motorized safety cover and will no longer need the fence, but need something to protect our children in the meantime. I've heard of mesh fences, but don't know much about it and love the look of iron, but don't want to break the bank. Can you help? Thanks so much!!

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When my kids were young/little I used the Baby Barrier mesh fence. When we'd have parties we would take part of it down. It served us well but I did hate how it looked.

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If its sold as a Safety Fence, then the expectations are not going to be met. A Removable Barrier Fence is, IMHO, more like it.

The safety of any fence can be compromised. The barrier may present enough of what you need but that doesn't mean watching 3 to 5 year olds play in the back while in the kitchen or otherwise distracted.

Where the poles are set can be a significant issue. You don't want the fence against a retaining wall where the top of the fence is compromised or having stairs without the extended poles or even having it too close to the pool's edge.

Kids, once they set their mind on an idea...


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Fori is not pleased

We put in a Baby Barrier fence before moving into our new/old house. It ain't pretty but it went in fast and when we get around to properly redoing the yard, we can replace it with something thought out.

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With a skilled tech, the mesh barrier fences will be installed taught. These fences depend on that for their strength. Both the top and bottom, when vertical and properly spaced, will make the fence wrinkle/wave free. It also improves its overall appearance. Don't hang the towels on it to dry unless you like stretch marks in the mesh.

While tubes to hold the base of the poles are normally available, the should only be used for pavers or a single pole in a lawn. Lawns don't allow for a tight fence over more than a few months before they come loose. Lawn installations also make grass cutting and trimming more difficult.

Self closing gates are optional usually, but they make more holes and are a PITA when removing the fence and putting it back up, like for a Winterized pool or a party.

Storage of a removed fence may be easier with lighter fiberglass poles as opposed to the heavier but stiffer aluminum poles. It makes a significant difference, especially when carrying a couple 10' sections of fencing.

Fences are typically 48" high. There are some brands that are 52" high which will have a longer useful life given that the child must grow more to reach the latching hardware that ties fence sections together. These latches should always be on the pool side you're blocking off. It's just that much more that a child must grow to be able to reach the latches.

Most installs are done using a core drill to keep the fence poles true. If the socket is off a bit, the pole's top will be too but in the opposite direction. Fiberglass poles are more forgiving than aluminum ones since they have some flex to them.

Direct supervision is always needed but when you are distracted, the barrier fence can give you the extra time you may need.


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we used flip locks at the top of all exterior doors. they're cheap and cam be found at any home improvement stores. kids know how to swim now but we left them up incase we have friends over with young-uns that still can't swim.

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