Approximate cost of pool cage rescreen?

gannetAugust 1, 2010

We're currently shopping for a home in the St. Petersburg/Bradenton area of Florida. A lot of the places we're looking at have pool cages that either need rescreening now or will soon. Can anyone tell me the very approximate cost of a top-quality rescreen? Obviously this is going to depend greatly on the size of the cage and other factors, but let's assume a smallish cage. On the last one we looked at, the property assessor's sketch showed it as 20x43. Just a rough estimate. $500? $2000? $5000? More?

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My screen person charges about $1.50 per sqft to rescreen. Your cost should be 20 x 43 x 1.50 = $1250. We live in Jacksonville. Hope this helps

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Square footage of the actual screen panels? 20X43 would be just for the "roof" panels. You would need height for each of the walls, then work up the $$ for those too.

Or a general purpose square foot measured by floor space? In which case "never mind" (with apology to Emily Litella).

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lbridges, I think you are correct. I forgot about the walls:(

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In any case the screen should be good for about 10 yrs unless you have a good storm......

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Hello readers,
Prices for rescreens vary greatly across Florida but in Central Florida you would find pricing from .70- $1.65 per square foot depending on the quantity of panels, accessibility to spline groove, screen type, size, and spline used. My company usually charges per panel when we are doing a repair and by the square foot for full rescreens. Usually it lands at around $1.00 per sq/ft for 18/14 mesh using Phifer screen which is of higher quality than other products out there.

Advice is always free so please do not hesitate to ask.

Christopher Hansen
CB Hansen Screen Repair LLC
Mobile: 407.760.0278

Here is a link that might be useful: FB Business Page

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