Tile Installation Issue - Is this normal way to install tiles?

karen4235August 29, 2012


I'm clueless as to how tiles are normally installed but it just doesn't seem right? or is it?

There is a raised bond beam with a 3" recessed lip on top of waterline tile and PB decided to lay the top piece of tile on top of waterline tile as per attached photo.

Pls someone...is this normal way of installing tiles? I had asked why they didn't do 45 degree cut and per tile guy, the Pool owner said to lay it that way cause 45/45 degree tiles will form a sharp edge that will slice hands when joined together?

I panicked and wouldn't want that for my child and so I ignored this and allowed tile person to continue.

Now after the fact, I'm guestioning if it would cut a childs hand when they place it on the tiles? if they buff it slightly?

pls help...

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Is tile going on the face of the raised beam too?
It would be nice if they'd use a bullnose tile on the lip, that would give you a smooth rounded edge. I bet there's a 3x12 bullnose tile available.

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I am not an expert, but I agree a bullnose would be nice. Google bullnose tile to see what that looks like if you are not familiar. I know on some kinds of tiles (maybe just natural marbles, travertine, etc, though) they can use a grinder to smooth the profile to be rounded, not sharp. Don't know if they can do that with your kind of tile, though. I am in agreement with your PB that the mitered 45 degree wouldn't be ideal, that would make a sharp edge (think about babyproofing a fireplace hearth or something, you gotta put that rubber rounded piece on it to make it safer.)

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Why did they put a 3" lip on the raised beam? If there are no bull nose tile that will match the tile that you selected then it is common to set the tile like that and then fill in the gap with grout that is rounded to an edge.Discuss an option with your builder that you can go look for a similar tile in a bull nose. Although nowadays they do not have a huge selection of bull nose tile. It looks like he has not set the tile on the ledge yet so this would be your opportunity to change.

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What about the spacing of those tiles? Your first pic shows a significant difference in the width of the space...

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