Laminar Jet Water Features

jvmjrAugust 21, 2010

I want these bad. Big cost so I am wondering for the people that have them, are the worth it? Do you love them? Also, it says to not use a sand filter with them. What filter do you guys have? If you are using sand, is it ok? About to break ground in a week or two so the questions are just beginning. Thanks so much in advance.

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Most of the ones in my area have wall mounted suction and cartridge filters. This keeps the filters from getting floor dirt.

I love seeing them. My faves are at my old employer's house. He's got a half dozen around his nearly 2000 square foot pool along with 8 deck jets,

His use fiber as LEDs weren't available when he built the pool. I will ask if he has any pics he'd be willing to share.


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You do want a small cartridge filter feeding the Laminars.
At night they are way cool.
One thing to remember, if you are in a very windy area dont bother, they need calm air to work properly.

Check out the Magic Streams from Pentair.
No Fiber optics to mess with, Led driven, and they have cool effects, including a thumper that makes an air bubble in the stream so it looks like the light is shooting.

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Unfortunately I do get quite a bit of wind. But many nights it is calm, especially in the summer. Plus I will build some wind blocks to help. Does it have to be completely calm or just not a lot of wind? Also, what kind of small cartridge filter do you recommend?

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The flow velocity from the jet on the rise tends to have enough momentum that it takes a pretty fair wind to bend it.

The wind can disturb the water as it's arching and falling. This is where the water stream has lost momentum and would be susceptible to influences from wind.

The cartridge filter needs to be able to handle the flow of the pump driving the jets. This is often a separate pump and filter from the pool's primary circulation system.

My ex-employer has agreed to send me pix of his pool lit up. He is away from home at the moment but will send me them soon. His pool reminds me of one just-a-pb would build.


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Thanks. I would like to see the pics.

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Here is a few pics of one install.
Not the best photography.

Check out the video below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magic stream video.

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Nice pix. Mine will come as soon as the weather brightens. We have had some rain.


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Thanks for the pix. Looking forward to your's poolguyni.

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