Where's the best place to buy curtains/drapes?

anjismithMay 1, 2010

Bed Bath and Beyond is extremely expensive, and Target's selection is limited. I've thought of trolling places like TJ Maxx HomeGoods or other such places, but it's hit or miss and I might end up buying a bunch of other stuff while I'm there!!! Is there some secret place where expert home decorators shop?

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Out Marshall's just started stocking a nice selection of drapes. They nevery had them before but they had an entire aisle of nice ones.

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I think Country Curtains has a good selection of decent quality curtains and drapes at a reasonable price. But I wouldn't call BBB "extremely expensive" so CC might be too pricey for you. You might also try JC Penney. Depending on what you're looking for, there's also Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware ($$$), West Elm. I had some velvet panels from Crate & Barrel that were nice, too. Not sure what they carry these days.

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J.C.Penneys always has a great selection and they have frequent sales. I got mine for 50% off.

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Just went through this and ended up at JCPenny for the price and quality. Mine were also on sale. Wait for a sale and extras savings coupons/promotions. They have them all the time. Also, sign up for their emails, and you will get extra coupons and notifications.

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I use to have a little Italian woman that could make any drape or roman shade, show her a picture and she could make it. She was so good, and she charged $20.00 a panel (lined) her drapes were exquisite. Now she's retired and I am sick. What was your question? (lol)

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I like Overstock, Homegoods and JC Penny.

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What length do you need? If you are looking for 84in., my suggestion would be Target, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Penneys, CostPlus--depending on how much you want to spend--Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ballards

Target has a huge selection on line--even the longer panels like 95-96 inches...no risk if you get free shipping and have a store close by that you can return them if they don't work out--

Same with Penneys--they have longer lenghts-always have free shipping--and convenient to return if you have a store near.

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If you like contemporary prints, you can check Pier One, too. I've bought from Country Curtains in the past and was very happy with them.

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I've always been very satisfied with Country Curtains and JCPenny. Good quality for the price. Country Curtains is getting more contemporary these days, and I really like them.

I'm frugal (nice)to rotten cheap (how dare you say that, LOL!) I have made my own drapes for other places where I wanted custom stuff. They ended up costing more in fabric, liner, interliner, and weights than either of the above sources for the finished drape. That is not counting my time which was considerable :-(. They were my design and what I wanted. Not sure what it would have cost if I had not been able to make them. A whole lot, I think. Others can give you more info on custom design.

All the best. :-)

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I like JCP for sheers, etc. They're always on sale and there's a lot of variety. Plus, the drape ladies are usually pretty knowledgeable and helpful. At least I've found that at our local JCP. The only thing is that if you order sheers for the same room, make sure they hand pick them. Seriously. I ordered several at once one time and they were all different lengths. I complained to the drape lady and she suggested that I return them and ask them to hand pick, which I did do and they were fine.

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Melissa Shelton

I just bought some gorgeous panels from ZGallerie!!! They were on sale....actually, I heard the manager saying that they are on clearance, but they are still receiving shipments of them.

The warehouse must have clearanced them.

Beautiful....and they look REALLY expensive!

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bobandmel, which Zgallerie drapes did you get? I was considering the Gala panels (they have a sheen to them) though they are limited in size. Are those the ones you got?

Here is a link that might be useful: Gala panels

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Melissa Shelton

I ended up getting Scala in the cream color.....BUT, I did not press them to look like they do on the website. They look more like Gala but a little something at the top. PLUS, I hung them from rings on a 1 1/4" diameter 28" length rod.

They have a little sheen to them and look like taffeta (sp?) and really full.


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I just purchased the Signature Silk Drapery Panels from Overstock and I'm very impressed. They come in many colors and lengths and they are double lined, very heavy with a beautiful sheen.

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If you haven't bought them yet, I like www.domestications.com they have a good selection at a reasonable price.

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Another vote for JCP. Always a sale and great selections.

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For our new home, I've bought window treatments from jcpenny, ikea, restorationhardware, overstock, justblinds.com.

The best value was at jcp and ikea.

If you need 84" or 96" you will have better luck with inexpensive options. I needed some 108 or 120" and those were pricey.

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I'm closing on our new construction home next week and have been buying curtains in bulk. :)

I need longer panels (most of my windows need 92+ inches), and I don't like most of the fabrics that are widely used nowadays (dupioni, taffeta, etc.) I don't like shiny curtains at all so that cuts about 90% of my choices.

I have ordered several from Overstock. I need longer lengths (most rooms will do best with about 92") and some tailoring to length. They seemed to have the best selection of longer panels. Products range from cheap to pricey, it just depends on what you want. I ordered some of the signature velvet panels and even once I have them tailored, it will cost me less than it would've cost to buy enough comparable fabric during the fabric store's 40% off sale.

JC Penney, and if they aren't on sale, just wait because they will be soon.

If you have a Penney's outlet nearby, even better! AMAZING deals there, if they have anything good.

BBB can be pricey, but a little hint - you can use their 20% coupons even after they're expired. And you can use one per item (in other words, if you buy 5 items, you can use 5 coupons... even in the same transaction. But you could not use 5 coupons and get something free).

Sears actually has a pretty big selection.

Linens n' Things - have done away with their retail stores, but they still have a web business and 20% off coupons.

Try your local Craigslist, and/or ebay.

Make your own? DD's curtains are made of flat sheets. They were the only thing I could find the perfect color in. And I don't really sew (I had to buy a sewing machine to make those curtains!), so the best part is that -- 2 of your edges are already finished. :)

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Well just like the other posters-I love JCPenney!! But have also found Half Price drapes to be a fab place for drapery-especially when you catch their buy 1 get 1 free sale (have one going on now).

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Anthropologie is fantastic

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IKEA, especially if you need extra-long curtains.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA curtains on Houzz

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You might think this sounds crazy, but I use tablecloths. I hang them with those clips things. Tablecloths come in 84", are meant to be washed very often, and are wider than so many panel drapes I looked at. I just paid $13 a piece at Target and also got place matts, and napkins that match. There are also longer lengths available. Something to think about.

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Ikea ikea ikea
You can't beat the quality for the price. Most expensive I've seen are heavy velvet--$50 for two panels.

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Glad that Country Curtains was mentioned - always have found everything they have to be very nice quality.

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