has anyone tried non-toxic hot tub maintenance kits?

coreynAugust 26, 2009

Hi everyone,

We are looking into putting in a hot tub, and have been looking at the non-toxic alternatives to the common hot tub chemicals that are used. Does anyone out there have any personal experience with any of these? For instance, "Ahhnatural" brand natural hot-tub maintenance? We haven't been able to find any 3rd party reviews of this or similar products outside of the words of praise that the companies list on their own sites. Thanks for any help!

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I've got the same question... Do you have any insight into this 2 years later?

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I don't know that is a known safe and economical alternative sanitizer other than those EPA approved for use by commercial entities. If there were, I would likely know about it.


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Well here is the site for the ahh..


I think this from the FAQ explains the sanitizer.

Q: After a party with heavy bather load and the spa water is cloudy, should I add chemicals?
A: NO. First be sure your pH is between 6.5 and 8.5. Always use ahhUP and ahhDown to adjust pH. Clean your pad and filter according to instructions and add 1 quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Run your pump on high for a few hours and your water will be clear and odor free!

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hmm, vitamin C is pH down? Baking soda is pH Up? Vitamin C will lower the pH but its an iron stain remover. Baking soda is an alkalinity increaser. So ahhUp's price vs a 12 lb. bag of Arm and Hammer is $8 in Walmart. Lol.

"OH BY THE WAY. The EPA requires us to recommend periodic shocks of Chlorine or Bromine (classified as pesticides by the way! err!). We say use your common sense, don't bathe in any water that is suspect - including chemical soup! "

No the EPA doesn't and no, neither are a pesticide but rather a sanitizer. Algaecides are pesticides.

Peroxide will burn your skin. Peroxide is an oxidizer, not a sanitizer.

Because it uses peroxide as a shock, I suspect it is a biaguinide based system, which may be fine, but costs more.

Sea salt doesn't do any more than regular pool salt would.


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