Dual usage Pool / Pool Depths

gswiftsAugust 28, 2014

Hi, I am currently in the process of designing our pool in the UK. I have two children under 7, and want to make sure that they can use the pool now and also not outgrow the pool when they are teenagers.

They love using a diving board, so I would like to have a diving area as well as a large flat area that could be used for volleyball and games.

Its an indoor pool, and not built yet, so I have abit of flexibility with length but shape should be rectangular. The proposed size is approx 50ft x 20ft.

I was thinking of the following:
Diving board overlaps pool 3ft.
Depth of pool, drops down to 8ft, until 12ft from wall
Slope then raises to 3ft 6. Slope is 10ft long

This then leaves a 28ftx20ft flat bottom at depth 3ft6

Do you think this would work? Is the shallow area large enough for games, and the diving area safe enough?

thank you!

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We have a 44' long pool with a diving board and six kids - ranging in age from 6 to 21. I wish we had gone deeper with the pool as it is 9'.

Our shallow end is about 18 feet and has plenty of room to play games. I think your design sounds good.

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Hi Dianne
Thanks. Are you saying that 9ft is not deep enough for the deep end? I had only planned on 8ft so guess I need to think again

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I would go 12' for a diving well - think about when the kids are 6' tall teenagers!
My pool is 7' at the deep end and just deep enough for kids jumping in and diving from the edge. (no room for a diving board)

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We have a 50' long pool with a diving board and six kids - ranging in age from 4 to 25 which I got with the help of swim right pool service and repair .

Here is a link that might be useful: Swim Right Pool

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Nice spam!

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