Painting wicker baskets

jane__nyMay 27, 2009

Got some nice rattan baskets in Michaels and thought I could spray-paint them black enamel. Wrong! I sprayed one and it looks like its covered with soot. I used Valspar black enamel.

Any suggestions before I ruin the rest?


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They should spray paint up just fine. Is the problem maybe with how shiny or matte the paint is? If so, you can finish painting the others then hit all of them with a sealer in matte, or satin, or semi-gloss.

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I used the spray paint from HD that says it is for "wicker" on the front of the can. It is for other surfaces also but specifically states wicker. It comes out beautifully. You do need at least semi gloss to make them look glld as oceanna says. I did all of my set on the front porch and it all looks new now. Good Luck. c

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I was going to suggest you primer it first, but maybe trailrunner's paint you won't need it. I spray painted an old wicker table that I wanted to use on the deck. Used rustoleum primer and topcoat. It's held up fine for a few years now.

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You didnt ruin it, what is painted can be repainted! Thats my motto. You may not have enough coats or even coverage or it could be that it is flat black paint. I would just get more black spray paint in a semigloss or gloss finish- whatever you prefer. I have always just used good ol spray paint.The spray for wicker sounds interesting.
I painted a wicker loveseat with regular spray paint, it was pretty thirsty and took a lot of cans.
But you didnt ruin anything.

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I used to spray my baskets with multiple thin coats, with a bit of drying time in-between; what crevice you miss with one coat, the next one will get.

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Did you shake that can REALLY, REALLY good? I've noticed that most spray paints today need to be shaked for at least 2 minutes to get a decent spray.

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Thanks and apologize for not checking back. I'll give it another try tomorrow using the rest of the can. These are small wicker baskets I wanted to put in bathrooms to hold face clothes, etc. They are small and cute.

I kept spraying until my thumb hurt and it just seems to soak in. Looks like dusty soot. Maybe I didn't use enough. I'll try using the entire can on one basket and see what happens. Have nothing to lose at this point. Was thinking I should have primed first?

Thanks for all the good tips,

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trailrunnerbiker only took 1 1/2 cans for each rocking chair on my front porch. Do try the specail paint from HD. It is an enamel and has a lovely sheen to it. Good Luck. c

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Home Depot and other stores that sell paint also sell a device that fits over the top of a spray can that you can use to direct the spray without having to hold your thumb down until it hurts. Just ask any clerk for the spray attachment, it's only a few dollars. There are also new spray cans that have a similar design already part of the can.

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