[OT] Dagny's Memorial Party Saturday

dave_donhoffFebruary 26, 2009

[OT] Dagny's Memorial Party Saturday

Hi Everyone,

(Standard apologies all around... if this causes offense, hit "next" and banish my posts forever if you must. I bring this here because I've had such amazing support from our community...)


AN UPDATE on our plans for Saturday!

Dagny's Super Send-Off & Kirkland Community Love-Fest

I want to re-emphasize, this is a KIDS FRIENDLY celebration... *ALL* kids are not just welcomed, but STRONGLY DESIRED FOR THEIR OWN KID SPIRITS!!!

We've been STRONGLY requested to invite POT-LUCK contributions... so I am hereby doing so; comfort food, fun food, homemade, and EVEN last-minute-store-bought anything. is exactly perfect! If you know in advance what you might bring, email me or Joanne so we can make sure there are appropriate plates, cups, whatever.




When you arrive, look for the path of balloons toward the nature-walk docks if you don't see a motley crew in obvious sight.

WE HAVE A SINGER!!! A special treat by church vocalist, Michele Gregory, who's volunteered to sing a special piece for Dagny... I got a sample, and its ESPECIALLY sweet...

ALSO... we'll stay flexible (to the short side of time) at the park in the case we have our glorious "Northwest Liquid Sunshine"... but as always, "dress in comfortable layers" so you can peel some away in the warmth.


The scheduled itinerary WILL BE SHORT... so please do plan on coming to it after the park for just a little sharing, food, music & slideshows...

We will have a Community-Creating of Dagny's Alter. PLEASE BRING any little poem, or trinket, or item you feel a beautiful little girl would like to have with her on her journey.

WE WILL ALSO have a "crafts & creations" table with goodies & materials for our creative younger artists to use to create something for Dagny themselves. Any adults who find themselves short of something can then "enlist" one of the kids to work up something they would love.

RSVP here if there's a pretty good chance you'll join us.

RSVP for Dagny's Super Send-Off & Kirkland Community Love-Fest

STAY TUNED... in case I think up something else to share before Saturday ;~)



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Sounds wonderful. I will be there in spirit.


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Our thoughts and blessings are with you. Makes me cry just thinking about this memorial party for such a special little gal. (Sad, but happy healing thoughts for the family and friends.

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Sending love and hugs for Saturday.
Kathy G in MI

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This sounds like a true celebration of your sweet Dagny's Life. Her life is measured by the quality of her time here & how many she touched, not only the quantity. May the laughter & tears & joyful memories bring you healing & hope. Sending special thoughts to all of you.

BTW, When my dear mom passed, we had my two little granddaughters then ages 2-1/2 and 10 months release Pink helium balloons with heart shaped love notes attached so that they would reach their great-grandma Rosie in heaven to tell her they loved her. Surprisingly, the older one still remembers doing that.
Blessings ~~ katclaws

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You have been on my mind today. I hope that the celebration was sweet and memorable and comforting to you and all who loved Dagny.

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Dear Dave and Joanne ~

I haven't been on for a while now and just checked in. Thanks for sharing that you were having a wonderful celebration of Dagny's life. It appears that I missed the announcement but have thought of you all now and then since her passing.

Please know that you are considered a good friend on this board and that we have been blessed by you sharing your heart and loss.


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I just saw this now; I certainly hope that it was a great celebration !!!
do keep us posted.
What a sweet face on that picture of Dagny.

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I just saw this. I hope it went well.

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OUR CELEBRATION was deeply moving, sad, fun, hilarious & sweet... all rolled together. The 4 primary paramedics who worked with me on my daughter's last day showed up, and cried as grown men (God I wanted to reach out from my own soul to hug them, as another grown man, and father.)

At one point in the ceremony (just prior to our spreading some of Dagny's ashes on Lake Washington,) Joanne was reading a poem, and explained the meaning behind Dagny's name. LITERALLY... as she explained its Norse meaning of "new day"... the clouds which muted the sun all day to that point SPLIT... and rays of sunshine broke down directly on the dock platform we were all standing on. It was one of those gasping-inspiration moments, like an amazing magic act... had everybody talking about it afterwards, like we had planned it that way ;~)

Later, at the cabana, when we were reading eulogies sent in from family & friends who couldn't attend, we opened up the opportunity to everyone to share anything they wished; We had a 3 year old girl ask if she could "dance for your daughter Dagny" (so I announced to the crowd her request,) and we caught on video an impromptu "jazz dance" by a 3 year old little girl, in honor of my daughter... (the whole time her Mexican mother feigned with her hand on her forehead saying "ayyyayyyayyyayyyyyy...")

A fellow community member, Ti Piper, had sent me a special contribution... 30 rubber-ball clown noses... along with a back-story of a social group he belongs to, and how they face a death of "their own." So, at one point I shared Ti's story, and had another 4 year old hand out the nose-balls to everyone present... we all put them on (giggling like idiots... including the Pastor,) and told a few more stories of love.

We got lots of pics... potentially some good video coverage... I'll see if my webmaster/tech-director can cobble together a nice presentation at my personal website we can later share with those who couldn't make it & sent in their "spirit RSVPs."

Thank you... very sincerely.
Dave Donhoff

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thanks Dave, for describing the day. It sounds like it was perfect, in the most offbeat, wonderful way. That you could recreate it for us tells me you are doing well. Also, I loved the picture of Dagny. What a beauty.

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Dave, it sounds perfect! You were in my thoughts that day, as DH and I attended the "best" funeral and celebration of life we've ever gone to--for a diving buddy of DH who finished his battle with cancer and went on to the next life. Sounds like your celebration of Dagny was the "best" also.

I've been thinking a lot of what these losses mean. Why do we lose someone as young as Dagny, or a friend's baby who died at 2 days old, or at 55 like DH's and my friend? What lesson do we take from this, but to cherish those around us as the gifts they are for as long as we have those gifts with us.

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You have been truly blessed, Dave. Anyone who has read your postings has a special place in their heart for beautiful baby Dagny. The sleeves of my sweater are wet with the tears I've wiped away -- please know that all of your friends here on the forum wish you the best and thank you for what you've taught us all.

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