Pool Survey!! 1)Pic/sketch of Pool 2) Cost 3) Location

iamskcAugust 23, 2014

If you are willing I'd be so grateful. Trying to convince my husband we can get afford a nice pool for the family. Can we start a thread where we post a pic of the pool or sketch/rendering, reveal the final cost, and say what state you live in? I'd be pleased to hear any advice as well.

Thanks so much!

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Pool costs very so widely by location, not sure how this would help you convince him.
Talk to local builder.

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Agree with just-a-pb. You can have pools from $30k in one area and it be $75 in another. The best way to is go talk to pool builders in your area.

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What area re you in? I'm in Texas and my sister is in Tennessee. I just completed a pool and my sister is getting estimates so I am trying to compare prices relative to Texas for their pool. So many things depend though so it's hard to really compare. Soil is easy to dig locally, some places like Tennessee may have a lot of stone they have to deal with which greatly increases costs.

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I'm in Florida and there are numerous builders who advertise $25K pools.
What happens is that you want a specific shape, specific finish/color, add waterfalls/spillovers/fountains, etc, automation, certain pavers, and so on, and it turns into a $50K pool. Anything unique about your yard will raise the price - i.e. my backyard is along a seawall so requires a special beam on one side, Also, narrow access in the side yard meant special digging equipment - more back-and-forth trips with a smaller bobcat. Others mentioned the soil and possibility of tough digging. We have a high water table so we had to have a pump sucking water out for days and that got annoying to listen to.

I interviewed no less than a dozen pool builders. I got about 5 real quotes to choose from. The most annoying classic used-car-salesman-type guy had no clue what I was talking about and came back with a design that was nothing like what I wanted but it was only $30K.

We ended up using not the lowest price but one who had references that we knew (friends of ours, it turned out) and a mason sub-contractor that we had used before and really liked. In the end we were out somewhere in the $55-60K range.

Here's a link to the pool design and my blog about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: My New Blue Pool Blog

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When we consider the price of the pool, then there are so many things depend though so it's hard to really compare. In fact, we can say that the pool which is created by you with the help of your friends would be much cost effective than the other one you have created with the help of swimming pool services.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swim Right Pool

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