Kohler Vinnata owners - Do you love it? Height feedback?

akcorcoranMarch 26, 2013

I was looking at the Kohler Vinnata for our kitchen and prep sink. I have a 1917 home but the new area is obviously renovated so I'd say it's "transitional" and I think the Vinnata would fit well with that.

Do you love yours? Any complaints or feedback?

Is the height right for a regular-sized sink (in a 36" cabinet) - It seems really high to me but our old kitchen was SO old that I have no idea what it's like for all new faucets!

I do have to say it feels a little "chunky" to me - especially at a prep sink on an island. Has anyone paired the Vinnata with a different prep faucet that was a little smaller in profile? Or do you have both and like them?

I have to make decision in next day or so - hope you feel strongly enough to post for good or bad. ;-)


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I should add that I know so many people on GW are Grohe or Hansgrohe fans. I totally respect GW and have mostly followed the advice as rule, but in this case... most of those designs are a bit too contemporary for me.

I think I *could* possibly go with the Allegro E - maybe? Do people LOVE that so much more? I know the locking spray feature is one thing that people like - what else?

I guess people do High Arc over sink and low arc over prep sink?

Thanks for your thoughts -

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The Vinnata was consistently the top faucet on this forum over a six year period. Can't recall negative feedback though some may weigh in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top Kitchen Faucets

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akcorcoran, I love that faucet and wanted to use it desperately, but Kohler didn't make a hot/cold filtration faucet to match so in the end, I had to let it go. Perfect transitional faucet, IMHO, and it comes in my favorite finish of all time, Vibrant Brushed Bronze. I like Vinnata better, FWIW, than the Allegro.

If you chose it, check prices. I noticed last week Overstock. com had both the kitchen and prep Vinnatas for sale. Doesn't mean the price was competitive, but it was very odd to see it there. It was the only Kohler faucet for sale at the time, so it made me wonder if Kohler was getting rid of the Vinnata line?

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My next door neighbor put it in with a shallower sink (looks like about 7 inches) and it splashes. That was the one thing they didn't like, but I think it was the sink that was the problem. We looked at that faucet and I do think it was the most popular one on GW when we did our kitchen. It was very easy to spot.

I have the Whitehaus Metrohaus that looks VERY similar to the Vinnata. I picked it because the height and reach were a little different and I thought worked better for us. I have loved it. When we decided to change our prep sink faucet, I did look at the smaller Vinnata. Again, picked a different one for the right height/reach combination.

All the faucets I looked at and the ones I installed and love working with look big and chunky compared to the builder faucets we had, but they get out of your way for washing pots and pans, are sturdy workhorses. You use that faucet a dozen times a day or more. It needs to be sturdy. A little heft is not a bad thing.

ETA: You asked specifically about height. The Metrohaus is less than an inch different, if I remember correctly, but the reach was what I liked better more than height. The Metrohaus looked huge when it arrived in the box, but I love the graceful height and curve. I hated, hated, hated the short builder faucet we had and how impossible it was to wash large pots or baking sheets without making a mess. I will never have a shorter faucet again. If I rent, I will change it out and change it back. So there! LOL

Don't underestimate your prep sink. We did and soon realized that if we were going to be rinsing, washing and prepping there, we needed a larger faucet with a full water stream and DH really wanted the sprayer too. That's the one thing we changed out, even though I love the little faucet we originally installed there. I thought the larger faucet would look ugly, detract from the view, take away from the furniture look I wanted for the island. The larger faucet hasn't bothered me at all, but I do enjoy it working better for us. Your faucets are very functional pieces, so keep the function in mind even as you look at the finish, the curves or angles and consider how they go with your hardware, lighting and other "Jewelry."

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I can't help you with Vinnata feedback, but I can say that when I first got my Hansgrohe high arc I thought it looked ridiculously huge. I hadn't moved back in my kitchen and all I could see was this Loch Ness monster over the sink. I got used to it quickly. :)

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Thanks, everyone. It would be so much better if I wasn't a waffler... I go back and forth on whether I like the style (it's a beautiful traditional, but I was trying to go a little transitional?) or the size (just looks like a firehose to me right now but I can see the function, like you all mentioned) and then there's the quality (I know Kohler is a top quality.)

Sigh - what to do? Thanks for your thoughts -

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Love mine. We have a small u- shape kitchen with no prep sink. No splash- back. We thought it was huge in the box but once installed it looks great. Wish I had a good photo for you

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I have the vinnata and I LOVE it. It is the perfect size. It is easy to use and fits comfortably in my hand. The lever is easy to use with one finger. I like the high arc because it is sooo much easier to fill a pot than my last faucet. Good Luck with your search.

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I just put this faucet in my remodel in December and love it. It has the option of putting the lever in the front or to the side and it comes in two sizes. I put the smaller model in island with a 15" sink and the larger model in main 36" sink cabinet.
Good luck!

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If you want a more transitional style then you could try the Kohler Bellera, I have it in my laundry room and am quite happy with it.
* also although the dimensions are similar to the Vinnata it is not so overly rounded in the base and spray head so it does not appear as large

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I loved the Vinnata in our last kitchen. I would have used it again, but we went modern this time. My sleek new faucet is pretty, but doesn't have the nice wide spray pattern and good hand feel of the Vinnata. I also thought it was really tall at first, compared to the low faucets in prior kitchens, but we got used to it quickly.

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OH goodness. It looks so perfect in everyone's kitchens - and maybe it's just that it looks so huge in scale in the showroom.

I had sort of been suckered into the Moen Arbor Motionsense. I liked the style a lot and the auto-on was a bu (I know the arguments for a Tapmaster but I have kids and need the water to come on all the time or be manually turned on.)

But now I'm kind of wishing I was going with the Vinnata set. It just looks so... timeless and substantial, you know?

They really aren't in the same ballpark. Argh.

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I always thought the Moen Brantford looked like a smaller version of the Vinnata at half the cost. And Brantford might have motion sense, no?

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I've been drooling over Kohler's new Sensate faucet which is a no-touch plus it's a pull down with stream and spray.

Don't know if it's found its way on this board as yet but even Consumer Reports likes it.

And better price than many of the other no-touch brands.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Sensate video

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Sorry for the sideways photo. Not sure what happened -- uploaded with iPhone.

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