Attn: East Coasters in Irene's path

poolguynjAugust 26, 2011

Public service message:

Do not cover your pool. It could blow away. This includes those with automatic covers. Unless your pool and it's equipment are on your homeowners, the repair is on you.

Boost your chlorine level to 10X the proper level shortly before it hits. 6% Bleach like Clorox or Great Value is best.

Turn off the system at the main panel's breaker to the sub-panel outside. before power goes out or you get a spike when another area goes off line, This will preserve your pumps and automation systems until power is reliable again.

Secure patio sets. Those with gunite pools might be able to pull the cushions off and set the chairs in the pool. They won't go anywhere. Obviously, don't do this with wrought iron type furniture. :-/

Turn tables upside down. They won't catch much wind that way.

Secure the shed.

Don't put things where they can fly. 100 MPH winds are no joke!

I assume no liability for this but felt compelled to do this.


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You read my mind! Thanks for those tips. Question - should we drain some of the water out of the pool? I'm thinking of the huge mess we'll have on our hands if the pool overflows...

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Thanks Scott. I was wondering about draining water too.

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Do NOT drain the pool! With the amount of water coming our way, the water table will rise. We want every bit of weight in the pool to prevent pop ups and line floats.


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I only meant a little water, slightly above skimmer.

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The amount of rain you are about to get will negate that, don't worry about overflow its going to be absolutely pouring rain if the Hurricane passes over you.

I would shock the hell out of my pool before it hits however.

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After the storm, if you're without power...

1. Pick out as much debris as you can.
2. Add bleach daily and swish it around with your brush.

We were without power for 9 days after Ike. I worked on the pool for a while every one of those days...pulling branches, scooping leaves, etc. I added a gallon of Clorox a day, and used my brush to stir the water and make sure it was spread throughout the pool. The water color looked OK, but the pool was very cloudy after the storm, and it stayed that way the whole time we were without power. Our power came back on at about 5:30 on a Sunday night. One of the first things I did was turn on the pump. By the time I got up Monday morning the pool was completely clear.

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Those in areas of potentially high water tables and ALL liner pool owners. DO NOT LOWER THE POOL WATER LEVEL YET!

Liners will float. Gunite and F/G pools can pop up or cause hidden stress and cracking.

Manually Skim Your Pool until the water table has had time to subside!!!


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