Are you quilting this weekend? March 29-31

lindaoh_gwMarch 28, 2013

I don't plan to do any sewing this weekend. My kids are coming home for Easter. I plan to clean and cook tomorrow. My grandson turned one on the 18th and we will celebrate his birthday when everyone is home. He took his first steps yesterday so I am excited to see him walk.
The new barn and moon BOMs are up and I will do those as soon as the weekend is over.
Are you sewing this weekend? Have a happy holiday!
Linda OH

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I haven't been posting much, but I really hope to sew this weekend. My Easter dinner group got cut in half to only 7 people, and my daughter is making a main course so that should free up some time. I have to finish a cake for someone, and then I'm free to sew. I've been sick with shingles for a couple of weeks, so I've been taking/watching all kinds of Craftsy courses. I'm eager to get going!

I've been doing a lot of cakes this year, because people know I'm working on stretching those skills. I love doing it, but it takes so much time that I don't get into the sewing room as much as I'd like. Like I said.. this weekend I want to practice some of those machine quilting techniques I got from Craftsy. I'm excited because I have two quilt tops that need quilting.

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I finished another charity quilt last night and said that I would not start ANYTHING else until I clean this pit of a sewing room! It is really frightening how messy things get in such a short time. Of course, when your sewing room doubles as a guest bedroom and office, that doesn't help either. My mom & MIL are coming for a visit and I need to dig out and find the bed in here. I started today and have been putting fabric away. I have some great shelves in my bedroom closet and moved 10 boxes (paper carton size) of fabric there to free up some space in this closet. Still need to finish sorting out batting pieces, thread, notions, and patterns. IF I get everything done, maybe will sandwich another charity quilt.

Tomorrow have to take DH for colonoscopy but will only take a book. DS and fiance are coming for dinner on Sunday so I guess I have to find some time to clean and cook dinner too.

No doubt, even if I don't sew, it will be a busy weekend!

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Yes, I've already spent an hour sandwiching my first wool quilt to a beautiful piece of cotton I inherited from another quilter's stash. I am not done yet, as kitty Willie is 'helping' me and that sort of doubles the time, but makes it more fun. I had to run the vacuum first, because I discovered him eating thread (was it Kate's cat who had a nasty issue with this?) and I pinned him down and retrieved a piece with one end in his stomach and the opposite end in his mouth. (Doesn't hurt to have been an ex-nurse with a lot of experience in gastric tube insertion, LOL) I need to stop now and fill up the wringer washer and advantage two sunny days to hang laundry. I don't know what Easter plans are, if we are going to my kid's farm or not. It's been a busy week for them and we just haven't knocked heads on this one.

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Calliope, your kitty sounds like a handful! Yes, I think it was Kate whose kitty had such an awful time with thread. I've occasionally caught one of ours with thread hanging out of their mouth. Once Penny swallowed a length of dental floss. I called the vet and they said bring her in right away. Don't know what they gave her, but when I picked her up she looked really annoyed and they handed me a baggie with the intact floss in it.

Maybe I can sew a bit this weekend. The colorwash quilt is half quilted; been having lots of thread breaks so I run out of patience pretty quickly.

Mom's back in the hospital for a few days - they found a blood clot in her lung so are taking care of that. We may run over to Lakeland tomorrow to see her. Monday's a holiday for me so hopefully I can sew then.


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In between church services, there isn't a lot of time but I just started cutting some strips for a star-like block. Did one sample and had the points going the wrong way ( what is it with me lately?). I corrected that and am now forging ahead. If I get it all cut out today, I may get to sew on Sunday or Monday. We are not having company, nor are we going anywhere, so I am free as a bird.
A Happy Easter to you all.

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Now that the kitchen is somewhat clean, I can get in my sewing room and continue on the HST blocks for a commissioned quilt. It needs to be finished mid-June, so I want to keep ahead of the schedule.

Recently had a flurry of activity on my Etsy shop for my cute smocks, so now I need to make some more. Also in the plan is to make some cute cropped jackets for warm weather. A young friend from work has agreed to model them for photos, so I'm excited. If I can't make size 8 for me to wear (ha!) then it will be fun to make them for some other cute young thing!

We have sun and 50s here this morning, which is much better than the dreary skies, wind, and 30s that we have had recently.


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Size 8, Teresa? If I could, I'd be ROFLOL! As it is, I'm just LOL.....You are a hoot!

Donna, Hope your mom does well and they get this taken care of quickly.

Sue, Hope your DH is ok. Oh the stories I could tell!

We were invited to DD's sister-in-law's parents house for Easter where all the family hoopla has been moved to since her DH's parents are no longer able to have everyone there. But, we were there for Thanksgiving and don't really know most of the people that show up and all I'd do is sit on the porch with my Kindle....anyway, we're staying home and I will most likely sew! Yeaaa for me! Not sure what all I'll get done but I'm working on sewing the Zig-Zag orange/blue/green together and have one more border for the Twister Heart. I also need to make a block for a comfort quilt on another forum.

Thanks for mentioning the Barn Block, Linda. I'll probably get started on that, too. The block she's doing this time is one I already had chosen to do!


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I so hope to get some sewing in...three day weekend for me w/ no family dinner committments...just hubby and me.
I anxious to try my first on point lay out.
Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!

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Well Saturday morning I get a mom's day off as Grandma is taking my son to our church's Easter egg hunt, and then we will be dying eggs Saturday afternoon. I found out this week that I will not have to a surgery after all, so am much relieved about that, and that means I can actually spend time in my garden this spring and summer and fall and not have to worry about lifting. I got lots done on my parents' quilt this week. I only have 3 blocks left out of 100 to make. So will work on these 3 Card Tricks blocks this weekend and next week. I actually completed 3 hand-sewn Card Tricks blocks on last Tuesday and it left me sore and the muscles in between my back shoulder blades tied up in knots for 2 days, so I will try to quilt more slowly and in moderation this weekend. And this weekend I want to try to clean off my sewing/computer desk and get things ready to start a grandbaby quilt for one of my friends in April. I plan to hand-sew the grandbaby quilt 40" x 40", but should be able to finish it in a couple of months I think. And then when I finish that small quilt, later this summer I want to start hand-sewing the Card Tricks blocks together for my parents' queen-size quilt - I don't know if I will have it hand-quilted by Christmas so it may turn in to an anniversary quilt or a 2014 Christmas present to them. Also last week I got to go shopping at Hobby Lobby with my Mom and got some more 18" x 24" clear plastic sheets - so in April I want to sit down and draw out the Cactus Basket and make plastic pattern templates for it, I think I want to do it as a 12" finished block. One of my friends on the Quilting Haven sent me a pattern pdf for it she made in EQ, but unfortunately the pattern pdf does not print exactly to scale, but she did also send dimensions for each of the pattern pieces so I don't think it will be too hard to draw the pattern pieces thanks to her help with this project. My Mom said she would look and see if she can find my Great Grandma's quilt tops that she stored for us 3 kids and she is talking about trying to finish my Sunbonnet Sue blocks and top that she started for me when I was a kid - so I am hoping I get to quilt these projects in the future. Oh and my sister called me today and was excited about the Joann store app on her phone (I don't have a Joann store near me) and so she went shopping for fabric for me, my sister loves me dearly and I can't wait to get that box from her next week, that just made my day today. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

Best to you,

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Sounds like it will be a busy weekend for everyone....some sewing some not.
DH and DS wanted to go Antiquing so we spent the day today at 3 different Antique Malls. I bought a Singer Buttonhole attachment that fits my Featherweight. It is the original one they made before the one with cams.
I may get some sewing in on Sunday Tomorrow I have to grocery shop and go to the library then DH and I are going to see a friend of mine from elementary school who is an entertainer. He has a show he calls "Songs My Sister Played" A great tribute to his older sister and the neighborhood we grew up in.
Happy Easter everyone!


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I'm driving up to Michigan tomorrow with DD to pick up the kimono quilt from the LAQ (it's for her). I'll still have to bind it and do the hand quilting on the kimonos, etc., but I can't wait to see it.

Otherwise, so much to do, I don't know what else I will get done. I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

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I am participating in the Quilt Along at Patchwork Times and I am keeping up with it! Whoo-Hoo! Judy posted another set of Instructions this morning, so I will definitely do them. I have never done a Quilt Along before; she promised this one to be slow and easy and take about a month - so far she is right.

Yesterday I was able to make 2 more blocks for our Guild's President's quilt.

I also worked on restoring a Singer 301A I bought off Craigslist. It is now all cleaned - inside & out. I have been looking for one for a few years. This one belonged to a lady who is 96 years old and still sewing 6 months ago!!!!!! Her daughter moved her Mom & Dad (98 years old) into Assisted Living. She was a seamstress, and now some dementia, and asks about her sewing everyday. Her daughter showed me some of her work -- absolutely gorgeous and detailed and I could tell she used all her fancy attachments. Her name is Klara, and that is what I will call the 301 - "Miss Klara".
I hope I am still sewing at 96 years old!

Have a Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you Bobbins filled with Thread in your baskets! :~)

Here is a link that might be useful: Road to Round Rock

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I got my sewing/computer desk cleaned off Saturday. I get more done when I am organized. I got Card Tricks block #98 hand-sewn yesterday by lantern light. We had nasty weather yesterday with extremely heavy rains and damaging winds. We lost power around 1:30 pm Sunday. Trees were knocked down and across the rode through our neighborhood and throughout our parish. We finally got power back on from the electric company around 11 am today. My husband and F-I-L were at work, but our new neighbor fireman next door, came and disconnected and put away our generator for us and then helped us get all the breakers back on - glad to have good neighbors. Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.

Best to you,

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