trouble with Intelliflo

b8mn1August 23, 2012

I think I killed my pump..

I cleaned my 100 sq ft Quad 4 filter and hosed off all the equipment as usual... When I got ready to restart it, after I cleaned the Intellichlor, it wouldn't start,, the Intelichlor illuminated but the pump wouldn't start,, I switched to service mode and the touch pad would not even illuminate ...

I removed the cover over and touch pad,and the touch pad and appearantly broke several small clips that hold the touch pad to its base... I did see some water on the circuit board though....

The other intelliflo (the 4 speed) works fine as does all the other equipment....

I think it got wet inside..... and will need service / replacement

In the short term,,, can I split the pump from the motor and put the 4 speed in place of the VS to keep the pool from going crazy? The 4 speed only runs additional spa jets and deck jets..

I feel ill with this....

Anyone have any suggestions??



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IF you are OK with moving the electrical connections, I can't see a major issue with this. It might be easier though, to just move the controllers. Four Allen or star drive (I forgot which) screws and up they come without the aggravation of moving the motor.

The four presettable speed is a VS-3050 as the spa booster and what you have described as the current VS, is an eight speed with timers. If you have automation, it's programming might be effected. Check it first. Generally, if speeds 5 through 8 are not preset and used, the changing of the pump types [The changing of the VS and VS-3050) shouldn't disturb the programming otherwise.


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I think my main pump is infinitely varible.. anyway it takes the star drive and I'll try and switch the controller...

So if my pump worked fine before i hosed it off and now i saw moisture inside the controller and the screen won't illuminate and the pump is dead, I should be able to buy and install a new controller and leave the pump alone, right?

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Yup. I seriously doubt the motor or wet end were affected by water, just the controller. Just make sure power is off.

Controller isn't cheap but less than the whole pump and much easier to deal with. Its like Henry said to his son Edsel, "You go ahead and make the cars just let me supply the parts."


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I switched the controller from my inteliflo 4/160 with the dead one.. and the pumps fine... so I need a new controller... but at least I have the filter and intellichlor working now.. that takes some pressure off...

Thanks All


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