weedyacresFebruary 19, 2014

Wow, this forum has sure slowed way down. I've not been here for a few days and it looks like traffic has amounted to a lowly 1 response to a post per day.

Have the buyers and sellers disappeared? Or are there some technical difficulties?

From our standpoint: we intended to be serious buyers since November when we closed on the sale of our previous home. We moved into a small cottage purchased last March as a crash pad till we were moved and could buy something bigger.

But we didn't find anything immediately, and are a bit worried about buying on the higher end of the price range in a small town. Plus we've been adapting to the smaller space and are absolutely in love with the $650/year taxes. So we've put our house hunting on hold until we finish the renovations and can see if the finished product can hold us and our downsized stuff.

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Yes a marked slow down. Not sure about buying and selling having slowed down or just not as many people needing to post vs. finding the info they need when searching.

Glad to hear you are enjoying your new smaller home. Sounds like a good place to be and save for more important stuff in the future. Especially if you don't think you'll be staying.

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I think it's mostly the awful winter that the country has been having.

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Love the pic, LWO! How fitting for this dreadful of all dreadful winters.

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It's nice to hear you are enjoying your crash pad. :) Your yearly tax rate sounds awesome.

Do you think spring will renew your desire to search? I think a lot of people are waiting for spring to list or buy. I betcha traffic on this site picks up then.

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Showings on my listings have slowed quite a bit the last two months. Most of the buyers moving to Charlotte are from the NE. I suppose the cold has slowed them down a bit.
It has been quiet here.

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I hope things pick up soon - house going on market shortly. Realtor says that there is built up demand from families wanted to get in before sept but havent been able to start looking yet. Ahhh! So stressful.

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Things pretty quiet around my area waiting for Congress to fix the flood insurance fiasco. Unfortunately the bill they passed helps current homeowners, but not new buyers. The Senate bill helps everyone. Not sure how they are going to resolve the differences.
FYI - Pinellas County is the most affected county in the entire US.

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My In- Laws lived in Pinellas County. They just reconsolidated everything, sold their three RE properties and now live in Durham, NC.

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