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lindaoh_gwMarch 9, 2012

This afternoon I made labels for two quilts that my small quilt group made. I make my labels on my embroidery machine. The info on my labels is limited to what will fit in the embroidery hoops. Today I used both sizes of hoops.

Do you label all your quilts? If so, what do you put on the label?

Here is a link that might be useful: pics of quilt labels

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I have been making labels for my quilts. I spend way too much time making the labels, using the computer and the Bubble Jet stuff. I have found making each label to be stressful. Your embroidered labels look very nice.

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Your labels look nice, Linda. Depending on what/who the quilt is for determines how much time I want to spend agonizing over a label. Sometimes all I put is Made with love and prayers by SharonG/FL.....along with the date.

I'm a bit lax on labels as I also find them stressful. I'm just about to the point of paying someone to make a bunch of generic ones.


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I definitely label any quilts that are gifts. I've been a little lax in labelling those that I keep...need to get better at that.

The easiest label by far is to type something up on the computer in a nice font, then using my sliding door as my light box, use a fabric marker to trace the letters onto a fabric... Heat set, and stitch on the quilt.

If I'm feeling creative, then its Bubble Jet. Or DH programs the embroidery machine and I go that route.

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I label them all and enjoy it. It's a fun way to add one more creative touch to the quilt.

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I usually label mine, mostly b/c they need labels if I enter them in our quilt show. :) I usually make them using the printer though they can fade out even if you follow the ink setting directions. I occasionally embroider them (the one I just made is embroidered) but I have to type out the lettering on my machine and it takes a long time. I should probably invest in a couple of fonts I can use with Embird! LOL


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Labels are not my strong point, I forget them!!! When I make one for a birth gift I make them on my embroidery machine, nothing elaborate.

I have seen some pics of gorgeous labels, some hand embroidered, and I do think it's a good idea to add them.

I like yours Linda.

Donna I thought the same about the fonts for Embird but they are a little pricey!

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I label my quilts using the built in fonts on my Viking.
It takes a long time to program them, but it's worth the time. I add the name of the pattern, the recipient, my name, and the date. I haven't had the occasion to add anything else.

I stitch over a double layer of fabric to match the backing, then trim the under layer so it's about 1/4"-1/2" smaller than the top layer. Usually I trim the top layer with pinking shears, then use fusible webbing to iron it to the backing.

If the quilt is something for my home I often just write on the back with a permanent fabric pen.


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I label all my quilts, using a permanent archival waterproof pen onto either a bought label or I make one from fine muslin. I include: The name of the pattern, designed by whom (if a commercial pattern), pieced by ...., quilted by .....,for ...(recipient), date completed.


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