Crepe Myrtle flower stains on black mini pebble finish

Stefv1July 2, 2013

I have beautiful white draping crepe myrtles near my swimming pool. I found a couple of spots in the bottom of my pool (black mini-pebble) and thought they were bleached from shocking my pool last summer. Today I saw similar stains on concrete directly under a white crepe myrtle at a local business in town. It literally looks like the white flower melted into the concrete and it had an identical pattern and texture as the stains in my pool.

Does anybody know what I can do to get that off of my pool surface? It doesn't rub off. In fact it has a glossy texture that feels like a permanent hardened white plaster.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank You

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Lori B

We are building a pool and have a huge hot pink crepe myrtle draping over our pool. We don't have plaster yet, but they just finished the decking. I wonder if the flowers will stain our decking our quartz plaster. I think it will be basically impossible to keep them completely blown off. But I will watch this thread to see if anyone has ideas.

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Flowers can definitely stain your plaster. I suggest you get a Jack's Magic Stain ID kit (about $15 or less) and determine what kind of stain it is. Then purchase the appropriate product to remove it from Jack's Magic. I don't sell the stuff, but like their USA made products.

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