Need help/opinions on outdoor shade or curtain..(Pic included)

Nick_RJuly 27, 2012

I am currently having an issue with rain/sun coming in from the west side of my outdoor kitchen (right side on the pic), right behind my grill. It rarely occurs, but every now and then we get a storm that blows in from the west and gets my cabinets wet. Also, the sun is starting to fade my granite a little on that side. Im looking for something to put up on that side that will block the rain/sun when needed but can be removed when not needed. It would have to mount to the stucco up top. Any suggestions??



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I'm sorry to sidetrack here but you're outdoor kitchen is exactly what our "ideal" outdoor kitchen would look like - do you mind sharing the size of the entire area, if there's anything you love or wish you'd done differently and a rough ball park on what this cost? (also, what state are you in?)

We are in the process of finding a trustworthy GC but most all stories we've heard haven't been encouraging.

Thank you for any info!

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Roller Shades are the way to go.

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The slab is 24x14. Rough cost was 45k. Thats including, granite, all cypress ceilings and cabinets, 46" TV, sound system, sink, Bull 36" gas grill and side burner, fridge, stainless gas/woodburning fireplace, raised concrete slab, gutters, stucco, etc... We absolutely love it. Can get kinda crowded at times. Another 2' on the depth would have helped out alot. Other than the weather issue I am having now, I have no complaints. The TV was purposely positioned over the fireplace facing the jacuzzi! Best seat in the house for LSU and Saints games! That ought to answer your state question. lol

Jimbar, I did a search for roller shades and cant find any info on shades like you have in the pic. Who did these for you and what was the cost? Thanks! That does look like something I would be looking for.

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Try to google hurricane roller shades. Those look like something I've seen on lots of condos in Florida.

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We have automatic hurricane shutters on our home in the Caribbean and used Alutech - love them - they look like the ones posted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Alutech website

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Found these outdoor curtains on line. Looks like they might serve the purpose for minimal investment. Anyone have experience with these?

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