Dresden Plate pics for Rosa

missflippinsMarch 2, 2012

Sorry it took so long to finally get to taking photos of the Dresden Plate quilt that was sitting on the bench. As I already mentioned, this quilt is at least 25 maybe more years old. It was purchased on a trip to Milverton, Ontario. As far as I know, it is an "Amish" made quilt. It is hand quilted with prairie points. Something that surprised me is that it appears to have been made in two pieces and then joined.

Anyway, here are a few shots of it.

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This came out really nice. I love the way it was done with the smaller parts looking like 'hearts of love' all over the quilt!

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That is a treasure. I admire the way it was quilted and even though I am not a big fan of white this one is perfect. The prairie points are such a nice addition and not something I would have expected on a quilt with that history. TFS.

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Very sweet quilt. A treasure indeed.

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It is sometimes hard to determine if a quilt is made in pieces and joined or whether the backing only has been joined so that standard off-the-bolt material can be used, instead of purchasing wider backing fabric. If a quilt is really made in pieces or strips and joined, if done well so that the batting is trimmed at the seams to butt-join instead of overlap, it should not be obvious.

If I am machine quilting, I do this often so I don't have to work with huge widths of material on my standard machine. Oh gosh, it's so much easier. I suppose I'd also be tempted if hand quilting and using a hoop instead of a floor frame.

It's just a really pretty quilt and very soft and old fashioned. I love it.

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Thank you for posting the pics!! Beautiful! I also love the pairie points!

I never would have thought of adding the hearts with the DPs but it's perfect!

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That's the type of quilt that got me interested in quilting in the first place. It's just charming.

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You have a treasure there!
It looks like it was well pieced and quilted.


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The quilt is so sweet. What a heirloom to be able to pass down.

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This is very nice. I hand quilted mine perhaps 35 years ago in brown and rust tones. It is in the closet.

The next quilt I made was called Lancaster Rose which I still have it on my bed as a bedspread.

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