Question on reliabiilty of Jandy AquaPure Salt System

cascadesJuly 22, 2010

One of the PB quotes we received uses a Jandy AquaPure Salt Purification System. It is being sold as the best & true "salt" system. Is this a pretty reliable system for SWG? The upgrade cost for this is $3400 and I am not sure if we should get it.

Thanks. Cascades

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Our Aqua pure system is over three year old, no problems. Water feels great and easy to program.

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We had a Aquapure 1400 installed in late 2005 and have been using it ever since. The past two years we've had an error code of 121 which has something to do with the sensor according to the manual. I can't seem to clear it out by doing what Jandy suggests. This year our chlorine production seems to be way low and I have to run the unit at 95% just to keep my chlorine levels OK. The first three years I ran it around 25%. I am now in the process of either adding an auto chlorination system or getting the Aquapure fixed. So beware of this system. Steep upfront costs and replacement costs are high too. When it was working, it ran great. I'm gathering that the cell life on these systems is only 3-5 years anyway which means a replacement cost of $500. Chlorine is expensive too so it's your call.

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I've been using the AquaPure 1400 since the day they came out.
I've found them to be equal or better in performance to the AquaRite I used to use but just a little more money art the time of purchase. The warranty support from Jandy is 1000 percent better than the support I had from Goldline Controls.

Cascades, at 3400 this is a ripoff price, I sell these salt systems all day long for 1500. Save your money until after construction and place one into service then or at least get your man to get his price back in the real world.
For 3400 you should be getting an Aqualink PDA series computer with built in salt at that price level, you might check and see if this was the case.

dpolson, I'm a new/remodeling construction guy not a service tech but I'd bet that if you replaced your flow sensor your unit will go right back to the great old unit you had at the time of purchase.
If I had a 2005 Dodge dually I wouldn't call it a rag and buy a Chevy just because it needed an alternator replacement.
Nothing man-made lasts forever.

See ya,

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Wow dpolson! I have exactly, and I do mean exactly the same situation. Must be the standard failure mode of the Jandy AquaPure 1400.

I have had my 1400 for about 5 years now (installed in 2005). For the first 3-4 years I ran it 4-6 hours per day at ~25% with no stabilizer. With stabilizer I could reduce it to ~10-15%. Last year I started having problems with low chlorine levels and began to crank it up. I've cleaned the salt sell a few times since then, including with muriatic acid. That helped, but not a lot.

I also get error 121 sometimes, although not often. Power cycling the unit seems to clear it.

This year its not working well at all. I've got it on 95-100% and it barely keeps up. I'm going to try cleaning it again but I'm not hopeful since I doubt it has built up much scale in 6 months.

I suspect the cell is nearly dead. They are very expensive to replace, even online. To make it even worse, Jandy has changed the cell design and obsoleted my old rectangular version. The new one has different dimensions and requires the plumbing to be changed! Thanks a lot, Jandy. Obsoleting a limited life part and replacing it with one that is a different size and not really compatible sucks.

Given the circumstances, I doubt I will replace it with another Jandy cell. I may buy an entire new salt system from another company instead. One that is integrated into a control panel rather than a separate box. Anyone know how the Pentair version compares? Maybe I'll get an EasyTouch panel with integrated salt system.

dpolson, please keep me posted on your progress and resolution.

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dpolson and mountainman2000, very interesting feedback. Maybe I should get the chlorine system for now and think about the salt system later and use a different product after all.

As part of the quote, the control is manual. This may be a good think as we can get the salt system and a good automatic control system all together later. Budget is an issue at this stage for us, these two item along will cost $6K if we get it now.

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Well, my AP1400 has been in service for 5 years. I have replaced both circuit boards in the control box, 3 flow sensors, and now the cell is bad. I noticed at 95% production, my FC was not increasing. Last night I was going to take the cell out and clean it, and noticed the rubberized connector swelled on the middle socket. Further investigation revealed the middle prong was cracked at the base on the top of the cell and must have shorted the connector. So here we go with a $600 replacement cell. I could have bought a truck load of chlorine for what I have spent on this POS system. I am very disappointed in the reliability of this system. A 5 year life expectancy is rediculous! There has got to be a beter salt system out there. I love the salt pool but at what price? Jandy should be held accountable. But then again, they are making money on replacement parts! My opinion- look for another brand and do your homework!

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Are Jandy salt system is 4 years old, cell is 1400. Clean the cell every two months or so. The system has been great! We had water temp sensor fail, $120.00 for the part easy to install. We are very happy.

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A code 121 in my experance means a problem with the cell. Not good sorry....We used to sell the Clormatics but when they were purchased by Jandy the service calls increased. So we now install the Pentair Intelliclor and have very little problems.

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We've had our Aquapure 1400 for 5 years problems except for the code 121 that showed up this winter. I removed the flow sensor, re-conditioned the buttons on it and placed it back into problems since.

I'm over-the-top when it comes to water chemistry and equipment maintenance, so that may be a contributing factor to the Aquapure reliability. That being said, I've only inspected the cell once since it has been in operation and there were no calcium deposits on any of the blades so I stopped checking.

By the way, our cell is ran on average 18 hours per day at 35% all year round. This keeps our FC around 3.0 for our 34K gallon pool.

I realize the cell will fail at some point but we've been pleased with its performance so far. Our PB said they last an average of 3-5 years around here.

Hope this helps.

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Anyone have experience with cloudy water when the Jandy 1400 cell turns on. The water clears up in the cell rest position and then the cycle starts again.

We have not been able to get this straight since it went into operation in 2008.

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What are your current chemistry values for FC, CC, CH, pH, Alk, and salt?

What kind of pool?


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Our 1400 did everything listed above. We had cleaned the cell and eventually replaced the sensor. It just completely does not work now. We are manually doing chlorine while we decide what to do.

We are looking at new systems and are thinking about changing to the new Jandy with the three-way. We have looked at the other mineral, etc set ups. With the cost of system and the added cartridges it ends up being more expensive over 6 years than just purchasing the new version of the 1400. There is not enough pipe left to install the new unit so we will have to figure out how to remove old and get new to fit.

Any suggestions for taking the old out and making new fit? Our pipe comes up out of concrete pad with a few inches, then cell, then an elbow making a 45degree change to where sensor is, etc.

Sounds like the other choices, the mineral/copper, are more expensive and just more maintenance that the 1400. Along with their other issues. Have not looked at the Pentair.

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Mineral copper? Putting metals in a pool can be very problematic, especially with staining.Add to it the fact that they don't work as advertised.

I hate it when pipe does that. Looks like you might have to cut some concrete away from the pipes. Do not pour new cement after. An alternate idea might be to use a threaded coupling near the point where the pipes meet the concrete.


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We looked at all the options and just am not sold on the other types, we like the salt.

One option is to replace the cell itself, but they are discontinued and replaced with the 3 chamber. Do you know if it is the same size as the original?? Would not make sense to make new part not be able to fit the old pipes once you cut out the old cell. Do you think it is better to get the whole unit new, control panel/sensor/cell? Or just the cell?

We also have to do something about our Jandy light. Keeps filling with water. Someone suggested we were given the generic black ring instead of the original tan one? Or that it may be leaking from the wire and not the seal.

And the rayvac line is finally shot, it is leaking every joint.

So this summer is replace everything summer. Bummer.

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too quote Huskyrider...." If I had a 2005 Dodge dually I wouldn't call it a rag and buy a Chevy just because it needed an alternator replacement."...

and I wouldnt have to rewire the whole engine just to replace the alternator to make it work also???

... flat out.. there's no excuse for Jandy changing the dimensions/shape/size of the replacement cell either?? why would a company completely redesign the shape of the new/replacement unit when the life expectancy is only 3-5 years... Our Jandy 1400 salt system quit working after just 4 1/2 years... at $800 - $900 for a replacement cell and also having to pay a plumber to replumb my system to accommodate a new unit, needless to say we are now using chlorine pucks...If I were to ever replace our dead salt water chlorinator, you can bet I wouldnt buy anything made by Jandy... Also I might add, here in Southern California, the warranty service from Jandy has been atrocious. On 3 diferent occasions I took the day off work for their service tech to come out and repair our system while it was still under warranty, and they were a no show twice.. If I were you, I'd steer clear of any Jandy products based on my experiences dealing with them...

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While their changing the cell design was, IMHO, wrong from our perspective, since we don't know their side, we shouldn't judge whether that was the right decision. They didn't ask us. When I make a decision about a company policy, I don't ask them. Either we accept it or we don't. The taste they left you with was one which I can't find fault with by reason of default. You spoke with your feet.

I still find Jandy gear to be superior to most other brands. I selected Pentair personally but Jandy gear is right up there too.

As for support, that is generally the domain the seller. When purchased from Amazon for example, Amazon won't come to your home but a local dealer generally does. I know I do. If it is under warranty, you cost would be nil.

Manufacturers aren't known for paying market rates for service. Hence, if I didn't sell it, I won't do their warranty work. If I did sell the item, the replacement parts would be all I asked the manufacturer for. I would eat the labor costs. It's cheaper than the gyrations needed to get compensated for the service provided. Many services operate the same way. I am sorry to hear of your experiences. That level isn't the norm for most of the pool service industry. Was the service tech a Jandy employee or a 3rd party?

In most cases, the plumbing changes needed aren't radical. Many undertake this themselves.

New cells, when amortized, aren't radically different in operating costs when compared to other chlorine dispensing schemes but they do have a number of benefits. Most cells are actually less expensive in the long run.


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first off, I would like to say how much I appreciate all of the help and expertise Scott and Huskyrider regularly provide to this site. Scott and Huskrider definitely know their craft, and are not being compensated in any way for their continued contributions to this site.

I am not disagreeing with you Scott, but have the internal working components of the new chlorinator really changed that drastically in shape or size to warrant a complete new housing the cell is now in? I cant be certain,. but judging from the looks of the replacement unit, it really doesnt seem to be a significant change to warrant a complete redesign in shape and size.. I know pool service companies probably dont mind as it gives you guys more work in the industry.. but from a homeowners standpoint, the change seems quite ludicrous and I cant see any other reason for the change other than for Jandy to make a better profit on the new units being sold..
just my .02 cents...

as for the warranty service being provided, it was done by a 3rd party. One would expect a company as large as Jandy to subcontract out to reputable pool service techs. Its not like I live out in the sticks somewhere?? I'm 30 minutes northwest of downtown Los Angeles..

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As for the 3rd party providing warranty services, I stand by what I said.

As for the why the design change? It is what it is. I am sorry you got somewhat burned by that but I didn't do it.


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Scott.... on this site, You are "the man" !!! not sure why you would interpet my animosity towards Jandy as being directed at you ? I apologize if it sounded that way.. Your unbiased contributions to this site are a blessing to all of us, and as I said before, the knowledge you share is much appreciated by all of us rookies here.. thanks again, Drew

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It wasn't taken personally, I assure you. My point was that to judge Jandy, now a part of Zodiac (big changes happened there) is an error. Sure, unfortunately, you got screwed along with many others and for that, all those in the boat have my condolences.

I doubt the "why they did it" will ever be made public. They don't tell me. I try to keep an open mind. They still make some darn good gear and have come out with some new and innovative stuff since Zodiac came into the picture.

As to the service end, as I said earlier, manufacturers don't want to pay market rates for the really good techs. Some service providers will do it for customer acquisition purposes. This often leaves the less experienced, new services to do the warranty work to keep costs down.

Pool builders and those service providers that have been around a while often feel as I do in that they will only care for their own customers warranty claims. The obstacles the manufacturers often put up annually I have found makes for a money losing proposition.

Generally, I keep busy enough without needing the acquisition of more new customers from them. My new customer acquisition costs are generally lower than the hit I would take accepting their payouts. I get plenty of new customers already.

Lets suppose a potential client bought something on line and it needed service under warranty. If I sold it, I service it for free but if I didn't sell it and I was a warranty service center, I would have to accept Jandy's terms. The customer would be at the bottom of the priority stack because of the lower rates and the tech sent isn't as likely to be as experienced a person so that the provider can keep costs down.

Some don't provide service at all since the burdened cost of doing so is more than the "low price wins" guy. They feel they want to stay competitive with them. I can't subsidize them. As a warranty service center, I would be forced to though.


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I would think twice about Jandy equipment. Our pool is five weeks old and we still do not have a functioning SWG. Error codes right out of the box. Our builder tried to get it to work without success. He called Jandy and a tech was sent out and he determined the sensor was bad. He said he would order a replacement and come install it. We have called the tech twice. He said Jandy was doing inventory the first time we called. The second time was some other excuse. We actually live within a few miles of the SBC PoolCorp corporate headquarters in Covington, Louisiana which is a distributor of Jandy products. I asked why not just swap it out at the distributor. He said Jandy does not do that. If they cannot get a brand new system working in five weeks it is a serious problem. What happens if the pump goes out in the heat of summer, another five weeks while my new pool turns green? I am thinking about asking my builder to take it all back and put in Pentair or Hayward. After reading these forums over the last few weeks I am stunned at how many people complain about the Aquapure 1400 and issues with the SWG and sensor. Any company that cannot deliver a warranty replacement product for five weeks should seriously look at their support infrastructure or find another business to engage in. Do yourself a favor and Google "problems with Jandy salt" and you will be shocked at the number of results. Good luck!

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Couldn't agree more with Computerguyin NOLA about Jandy/Zodiac equipment. In their ever present quest to become the "tech" company for pools, they have over-engineered their products well past their consumers patience level.
The salt sensors are not reliable at all, they are frequently displaying "no flow" warnings which basically shut down the chlorine production.
I had a leaky Jandy multiport valve installed on a DE48 jandy filter - easy change? No! They went and changed the union size - on their own multiport/filter combo!
Automation? Use Pentair. After buying another expensive Autopalm remote, the system will frequently freeze up electrically - that is once you get the very balky remote to operate.
Zodiac is the very last equipment I would spec again. Very poor quality.

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