why do a flyer?

erinb007February 19, 2009

Hi, I have seen all the great links to beautiful flyers that people have created, and I am wondering is it necessary for me to create a specific flyer just for the box or can I use the MLS sheet/print off what is on realtor.com?? I am doing flat fee mls. Also, how do I get cheap color copies? Last time I did this they were $$$


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Hi Xamsx-thanks for taking the time to find those for me! I guess the concencus is that it's ok to do black and white to save money for the outside box and save the color for the inside brochure for the serious ones..? Thanks

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Erin, what I did was used a better, heavier paper for the outside in color. It all depended on what I had on hand. There were days I used a card stock weight others I used bright white. I also did regular paper. Our fliers weren't wasted like some are where people take a handful. I used to check it every day and keep a certain number of fliers in the box; say 10.

I used the flier to tell people about what I felt was important and what was left off of the MLS sheet. Things like the age of upgrades/maintenance (roof, central air, electric) as well as the stove which was listed wrong.

If people don't like the flier they won't take a 2nd look. I know we didn't when buying

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