What did you have to look up?

K8OrlandoMarch 3, 2011

I am almost positive that ALL of us have books, magazines, and a bunch of saved web links. So what's the last thing you looked up - either in a book or on the internet - in order to figure out how to do it?


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I just went through every one of my books trying to find a wedding quilt pattern. I just this minute put the stack down. So many lovely ideas. Hard to narrow it down.

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I posted this earlier - I have been doing nothing but working on machine bindings for about a week now - I have gotten 4 quilts bound. My goal was to accomplish a complete machine binding method using a French Bias Binding that I would be proud to show to other quilters. That forced me to pull out a few books and look at more then a few Tutorials on You Tube. I took bits and pieces from 5 sources, and I am very happy with my results.
I'm not sure it is any faster :).

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Variations of New York Beauty patterns. I have a pile of bright batiks just calling out to me to do something great with them and I am considering doing paper piecing. Not sure yet. So, I searched lots of pictures on the web. I can make my own patterns once I decide what I want it to look like.

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Yesterday, on the internet, I looked up the Fun and Done tutorial that Robbi posted yesterday. I have added it to my bucket list!


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I just re-visited the quilt tutorials from the Missouri Quilt Co. They have some great ones. I'm also trying to look up pictures to see if there is any way navy blue, hunter green and hot pink could work together.

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Hmmm...I googled sampler quilt images to get ideas for different layouts that include different size blocks. Then I googled graph paper to print so I can pencil in some designs.


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I think the last thing I looked for on the web was how to make 4 flying geese from a big square & 4 little ones. Worked like a charm!


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Having a pattern in my mind that I saw in a book or magazine as well as specific ideas I have seen in books. Drives me nuts when I have to go through so many of my books/magazines to find the directions or ideas that were used that I want to do. I will bet that I am going through a book at least once a week. Bet many others do this as well!

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Confession is good for the soul? After making dozens of quilts over the last 25 years.....I still have to get out the book that has the visual guide to binding a quilt. I now have it marked with a piece of paper so I can quickly turn to it. I never quite remember how to start and end the binding. Or.....at least I *think* that I don't remember what to do.

Recently I printed off a bunch of baby quilts from web sites to give me inspiration and spur me on to make some baby quilts for my Etsy shop.


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I have to confess I check out my Chathedral Windows when I read Rosa's message. Before that I review the D9P. Jayne

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I have decided to try an Orange Peel quilt. Got the info, but haven't started yet.


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You tube for free motion quilting. My new machine is great for FMQ and I wanted some hints. Also watched a man named Holice T. on Quilters TV. He was all about bindings and other great tips. which I have put to use.

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Last thing was a Fun and Done tute. Robbi posted a quilt in the February Show and Tell using the method. I had tried quilt as you go and had some problems so I asked Robbi for advice/info, which she generously provided. I googled Fun and Done and found the tute.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fun and Done

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Agnes, I took a class with Holice years ago!

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OMG there are so many I don't know where to start! I used the fun and done method and mine looks terrible so I'm taking it apart and trying it again. I have searched QAYG on the Net to find different methods. I want to make a Log Cabin QAYG without it being stiff.
I searched for CW patterns to that's how I found out I did it wrong. I am beginning to doubt how well it will wash with the hand sewing so I have found a tute for machine stitching.
I also looked up DWR in books and the Net when Linda posted about hers.
I use my books, Internet, and library a lot.

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I've had a hand quilting class w/ Hollis Turnbow, too...still have the pillow I made from the class project!


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