L.E.D. Pool lighting

shoppingforapoolJuly 9, 2013

How many Jandy 12v L.E.D lights are needed to light a 14x19.6x30 ft pool? Are 7-8 overkill? I understand they are smaller and less powerful than standard pool lights but I am still not completely getting it. Is this the way to go? I want a modern, cool look. What do you recommend?

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3-4 should be fine. 7 or 8 would be overkill

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I have just one (Pentair Intellibrite) and it's fine but I kind of wish I had two. Three or four would be great, although it might get a bit bright at times. If you want a lot of them for a certain effect, I wonder if having a bunch of the spa size would be cool...

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Would six Jandy 12 v led lights in my 14'x19'-6"x30' pool be overkill? One on each side (shallow end and deep end) and one on the 1st stair/sun shelf and the other 3 evenly distributed along pool wall facing away from house. Would it be redundant to have a light placed on the pool wall below the light placed at the stairs/sun shelf?? . .. Anyone can weigh in!! Tia!!

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Are you then suggesting seven? It's definitely beyond overkill but maybe that's what you're looking for. Only issue is, if you can't dim them (cannot with my system) then it will be extremely bright, maybe to the point of being uncomfortable to open your eyes under water. Most people use one or two, maybe three or four in a very large pool, which yours is not. I would think four would provide coverage without being crazy bright: shallow end, deep end, stair, and one on the wall away from the house.

Is there something unusual about the design that's making you want so many lights? Black surface, maybe?

My pool is 15x32 with one light (plus spa light), and I wish I had two. At first I wished I had four but then when I went swimming at night for the first time I realized it would be annoying to be faced with bright lights in every direction...

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Here is my pool with LED "disco" lights. Two lights, one on each end, plus a spa light. The locations are very close the ends of my diagonal swim lane, which makes lap swimming at night okay, on the darker light settings. White would be too bright to swim towards both ways. I believe these pictures were taken with the light blue; there is also a deep dark blue that I love for a more subtle light. Or maybe this is white and the color I like is blue. I don't have a manual for the lights so it's kind of a crap shoot what color I get when I turn the switch on. We don't use the lights often enough for me to remember how to program it, even though we use the pool almost every night if we're not in a thunderstorm.

The only thing I don't like is that when we moved the spa to it's current location, I didn't think to move the light, so it shines straight into the house. It's not awful, but it would have been nicer to have it anywhere else, because the pool is below my house (pool deck is 4" down from lanai, which is 4" down from living room).

If the link doesn't work, google "New Blue Pool" and go to May 19th, 2011 "Night Lights".
The "Pool Details" page has the diagram if you want specifics, but you can get the idea if you know that the diagonal swim lane is about 36' long.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Blue Pool

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Nice looking pool, c9pilot! We just put in a pool with a Pentair EasyTouch with ScreenLogic automation. We can control all pool and light functions--including disco lights--form our iPhones (Android app also). Pick colors, programs, etc...

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Thanks, nuke! We are too cheap (I mean, "frugal") for automation - we have to turn the valves and flip switches to get the spa going - it's easy enough. And you'd have to read the whole blog, but we just wanted plain white LEDs, but the PB didn't want to deal with the one company that made plain white at the time (Intelliflo?) and gave us the disco lights for free with his company. Now I like them because of that dark blue.
The smartphone controls would be awesome though! That would be too much fun.

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