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orthochkJuly 5, 2012

Now that we have chosen a pool builder, I'm not sure about the equipment. The pool is 16' x 50', depth 3.5 - 10'. 1 sheer descent, no spa. Included in the pool price is:

460sq ft Jandy cartridge filter

2 HP Jandy Plus HP Pump

Nature 2 Fusion Soft SWP

400,000 BTU Jandy LXI Heater

Polaris 280 with booster pump

Was thinking about upgrading the polaris or switching to a robotic cleaner.

Any benefit to a variable speed pump for a pool this size?

Suggestions / Comments?


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If your going with the Nature 2 Fusion Soft SWP I believe it uses salt and metals.
With the size/water capacity of your pool I'd suggest the 60sq/ft DE filter or the 580 sq/ft multi-cartridge filter, and you'd be well served moving to a 2 speed or variable speed pump, be prepared to run very long periods to keep free chlorine available.
In my area, SE Texas, I'd probably be running it 24/7 at a low speed during the summer.
I'd stick with the 280/booster combo, it's a very good cleaner.

See ya,

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Thanks Kelly,
I'm not thrilled with backwashing so wanted to stick with the cartridge filter. This is my first pool so I'm not very knowledgable about this but what I think you're saying is that we need a bigger filter for the size of the pool. Is that correct?

As for the pump the PB didn't feel that there would be a benefit to a variable speed pump because for that size pool it would need to run at 2HP all the time to push enough water through the filter.

Do you think there is any big benefit to the LED lights?

Thanks again, Laura

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I am building a similar sized pool. It depends on your plumbing setup, distance from pool to equipment pad, and elevation change, etc but on mine the 2hp on low speed will still be able to turn the pool over 2-3 times in 24 hours. Actually on high the flow rate is just under the max for the filter, that's another reason to get a bigger filter.

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