New Pool Project in Atlanta

mjplus2July 17, 2012

I have been checking out the boards here for about 6 months and finally decided to go for it and convert our ugly backyard. We have sloping toward the house, hills and valleys, and erosion which can be seen from outerspace. The original plan was to build the pool right after the house was built but the economy had other plans for us. We're not independently wealthly but we only have a few more years at home with our teenager and decided to launch the dream - they grow up so fast. Anyway, the idea breaks down as follows:


Raised rear wall of pool 3'

Depth 4' x 6.5'

250,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater

Grading and Compaction and additional Grading for providing a valley for drainage

Grotto with ledge below waterfall

Pool slide (custom with tile finish)

3' x 5' Waterfall on top of raised wall

3 Gushers (bubblers) on Ledge plus additional pump

5' x 9' Tanning shelf with Flagstone

2 Lights with color change

Remote Control

2 H.P. 2 speed pump

580 sq. ft. cartridge filter

Pool alarm

Slab for pump and filter

One row of flagstone coping around pool

Shallow end steps as needed

(2) Anti-vortex main drains

(1) Deep-throat skimmers

(6) Mirage Aqua Flo Return Lines

Digital Control Panel

Freeze control

6" of water line tile

Overflow evacuation system

Additional electrical sub panel

500-Watt Light

Maintenance Equipment: 16' pole, Brush, Leaf net, Vacuum, Hose, Test Kit, Start-up chemicals

2" Plumbing throughout pool suction

# 3 Steel Re-barb throughout

4,000 PSI Shot-Crete Shell

Jandy Neverlube Plumbing Valves

Seems like a lot but I just cut and pasted the contract info. I am open to feedback as they laid out the pool this morning and will be back tomorrow for the main event.

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* The heater is small for your size pool.

* Gunite slides look better but you get more speed out of a glass or polymer one

* What remote?

* I don't see any decking

* You have a good many returns for a 1 pump system with a waterfall.

* I feel you need 2 skimmers on that size of pool

* Waterfall seems small for a Grotto

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Thanks sceadu. I didn't make it very clear but there are actually 2 pumps. I'm glad you mentioned it in your reply because I was concerned about the heater (although we are in Atl) and waterfall size so I'll ask the PB tomorrow. Also need to ask about the number of skimmers. I'm not sure if he's only doing 1 skimmer because of the bubblers on the other end of the pool. The decking is flagstone (crab orchard?). We were thinking about using glass tiles on the slide...think this will make it faster?

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may I ask who you contracted to build the pool?

Regardless of features, A pool that size needs 2 skimmers.

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