QOTD: Have you made something because you saw it here?

nanajayneMarch 3, 2011

I have been wondering have many people have gotten their inspriation to make a project because they have seen it pictured or discussed on this forum.

I know that I have had several, especially the disappearing 9 patch quilt, crumbs, 4 to 9 patch (my favorite), and rag quilts.


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For me it's the disappearing 9 patch and the use of 1930s fabrics. And using a small accent border between the pieced top and the larger outer border. And using different threads.
Oh yeah, and it was here that I was inspired to first try free motion quilting!!! Wow, looking back I would have to say you quilters are a bad influence! I wouldn't have spent nearly as much money if you hadn't lead me astray.


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Disappearing 9 patch was definitely from this site, as I'd never seen one before - and I've made several.

4 to 9 may possibly happen, but I don't like that one as much.

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As a new quilter - I have gotten much inspiration, and instruction from the talent here including (but certainly not limited to):
Disappearing 9 Patch,
Quilt of Valor
Striped bias binding
Tube quilts
Carpenter Square quilt - planned - fabric bought -
Bento Box

I love this place!

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Thanks Marsha! I forgot about Quilts of Valor. I have Mary C to thank for getting me started on that.

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I came back to give credit to Mary_c for the Quilts of Valor.
and Vicky for the Carpenter Square.
Rosa is a very bad influence with all her links to tutorials ~LOL

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Don't forget Quilts for Kids organization! Love them and love to do quilts for them. I told my LQS owner about them and she had me stand in front of two of her classes and talk about the organization and show them the quilt kit that is sent. It spread like wildfire among her customers. She also donates her long arm quilting and batting to anyone who brings a QFK quilt to her. I believe she did around 75 quilts last year.


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This was the first forum I was ever on and it started with a question to see if anyone could help me find specific quilt block patterns for a memory quilt my friend wanted me to make for her. Someone pointed me to a tennis racket pattern! I ended up having to make up many of the patterns like for a telephone, bowling, stethoscope, etc.!

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I' m working on crumb quilt. I never thought about saving scraps until I saw the thread here. Also scrappy quilts. I over plan and get stressed about where everything should go. I love looking at other people's work.

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Oh my gosh! I have gotten so much inspiration from seeing everyone's work, the ideas shared and the patterns with instructions that everyone shares. My list is very, very long of the things I have made because of either reading or seeing what others have done. I have adapted many of the ideas in my quilts.

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I have tried many new things thanks to the Birthday Block swaps. But the D9P was the first quilt I made because I saw it here.


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Vicky's Pineapple Blossom was definitely an inspiration.


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Yes, I made a bow tie quilt out of batiks when I saw on here. I'm sure there have been others but I can't recall right now.

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Jayne, this was a great question! Thanks for posting it. It certainly got us all thinking about how much we've benefited from this forum and the ideas we share here.


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Oh yes! I don't remember all of them but there are a few I can think of to lay blame to! Gwen for the crumbs, Toolgranny Linda for Homespun Stars, Caroline for all those tablerunners and her tute on lattice, Teresa for the Shooting Star and getting me started on scrappy quilts, Mary_c for getting me started making tops for QOV, LindaOH for that thread on Wonky Pinwheels, Rosa is a troublemaker with all the neat things she makes, Vicky's Carpenter's Square and of course the D9P and jars.

These are not all of them by far! Ya'll are a bunch of enablers! @:) And I love it!!!! lol


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Thanks to all, I love the honor of being a troublemaker by posting lol!!!!!!!!
I agree I have gotten so much inspiration from this forum over the years. I love looking at all of the pics and posts of different techniques, tools, and patterns.
My quilting life has been touched by every member here. I get excited when I find something to share here and I know yus guys do too. My biggy from this forum is going scrappy! I was very planned before and now I love scrappy quilts.

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