Water bugs in pool

agrandmaJuly 15, 2014

I have an in ground gunite pool and for the first time there are water bugs in it. They don't bite (I don't think). I read on the Internet to put dish soap in the pool water to kill them. I wanted to ask here if that will throw off my chemistry or damage my pump or equipment? I have a paper filter system and salt chlorination. Also, a neighbor erected a doughboy on the other side of my fence and let's it get green. Can the bugs be coming from there?

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I saw one in my pool once. Apparently they feed on algae, which I wasn't aware I had. So I shocked the heck out of the pool and I've never seen him again. I've read that if you see them, fish them out and squash them dead, don't let them go. And yes, I would think that the problem is coming from next door if you're absolutely sure you don't have algae. Do you have a lot of them? I wouldn't put the soap in the pool. It would take a lot, it seems to coat the top surface and I'd not be happy to deal with the possible fall out from that. Good luck!

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