screwed up the Cathedral Window blocks

rosajoe_gwMarch 3, 2011

I started a CW because I like to have some hand work for the evenings AND I just wanted to make one.

I sewed the blocks together by machine and I am hand sewing the 'windows' in the diamonds.

I totally screwed it up lol! At least I noticed it before doing any more but I hand sewed 4 in and now I have to take them out.

It actually doesn't look too bad lol, but the window fabric doesn't show as much.

Not my biggest flub up, but it was a waste of time!!! Wouldn't a normal quilter notice there is just too much white lol?????


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Your brave to share you mistake and I know you will find your way. Chalk it up as a learning experience and start over. Its a fun project and the results are rewarding. We all have our moments, some of us more then others. That would make a QOTD. lol

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Sorry to be so dumb, but what is the mistake? It looks great to me so far.

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You should have seen my first tries at Card Trick! I can't tell you how many times I had to rip seams because I could not get it right. Finally finished 3 - it was for a monthly block lotto - and accidentally set them on top of my little Clover iron!!! Burned right through 2 of them and have never tried that block again.


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actually rosajoe, that is an alternative method for making them, and some people do it that way on purpose!

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Toolgranny, usually the colored pieces are sewn where the white areas are instead of where Rosa has them.

I think it's pretty the way you have it, Rosa!


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I have made the cathedral window, and I actually like the way your 'mistake' came out. My suggestion is do what appeals to you and enjoy the quilt. It is a ton of work but well worth the time and energy you have to put into it.

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Oh I see! Had to look at it a half dozen times first. I like it your way!


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LOL. I have made some really awful mistakes and even made the SAME MISTAKE 2 and 3 times.

It's not that bad. You can finish it as a small wall hanging.


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Don't think of it as a mistake but as a creative design change!

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I tried the traditional Card Trick block and it didn't look too good either. I have seen an easier version somewhere and I may try it one day.
If it wasn't so WHITE I would leave it lol!!!! And yes I have sewn something in wrong, rip it out, and sew it in the same wrong way.

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