Aqua Comfort Heat Pump

mpressJuly 13, 2010

I just bought a house in Maryland with a 30k pool. The pool has a heat pump but it needs to be replaced. I contacted the pool place that the previous owners used and they are telling me to go with an Aqua Comfort Heat Pump. I have read other post from last year and people were recommending the AquaCal heat pumps. I asked the Pool Place about the differences between the two and they said that the Aqua-Comfort heat pump was made in this area and was better suited for the weather in the Northeast as opposed to the Aqua-Cal which is made in Florida. The Aqua-Cal heat pump is harder to winterize. Also the Plumbing is way easier on the Aqua-Comfort. I did check the Heating and Air conditioning institute web site and found it odd that the Aqua-Comfort is not even listed. First recommendations on heat pumps and second recommendations for Pool places in the Montgomery County, Maryland area.


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Both are fine, long lasting and efficient units. Aqua-Comfort's local support guys are also top notch. As I recall, in terms of efficiency ratings, the Aqua-Cal edges the Aqua-Comfort slightly.


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I did my research last year and found similar info. I went with the Aqua-Comfort. So far so good, although I only used it a day or two before Memorial Day this year.

AquaComfort distributes through pool builders, so the info out there is a little hard to come by. And as of the fall their web site was a bit out of date (they said they did not use titanium at the time, but they did). The units are pretty much identical to the Rome and Solarium units from what I found. If there are differences, I think it is mainly in the distribution.

I don't think you'd go wrong with either. My choice was because this way my pool builder would stand behind the whole thing.

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We have been using our Aqua Comfort Heat Pump for a week now. Water went in at 52 degrees and within a day and a half we were at 85 degrees. Hardly runs at all and is really easy to use. So far we love it.

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I have Aqua Comfort for 6 seasons now. It broke 3 times already. The first and second time were within first couple seasons. Fought with owners and finally agreed to give me new one at cost of additional $900. Didn't have much choice. Now it's broke again. Water not heating up after continuous running for 48 hours. Keep everyone posted on results when company calls me back Monday.

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UNHAPPY with Aqua-Comfort Heat Pump manufacturer... three seasons in, doesn't run OCT to April...second service call in three weeks. First a bad capacitor and today a $600 service call because the unit was manufactured with the pressured lines rubbing on each other and caused a leak of all the freon. The manufactures rep basically said ... "TOO BAD... you are out of the one year warrante and we don't know what you've done to it"
They refuse to take responsibility for their bad workmanship.

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