Are Hafele and Rev-a-shelf the only makers

eleenaMarch 8, 2013

of narrow base cabinet pull-outs?

I don't seem to be able to find any others.

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Try searching "pullout for 6" filler". That brought up a few more options such as the RTA Store and Amazon with different brands.

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You can also make your own...

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I need a 4.5" one - or a 4.25" to be precise.


Good to *see* you *back*!

How do I make my own?

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Thanks, Eleena! Good to see you too. :)

Start with the front. I forget your project, if I knew: Do you have a cabinet maker? He can make the whole thing for you. If you're buying from a big company that doesn't have the right sized front and won't make it, you can buy the smallest one they have, and cut it down (or have a handyman or someone do it). You'll need touch up paint/stain. Don't do it yourself if it's MDF, you really need professional equipment to make the veneers adhere correctly. You can always do a bit of contrast. Maybe paint with chalkboard paint, or something equally kicky.

Anyway, then you need to make the trays. You can get prefinished, thin plywood. They're just boxes that are attached to front and back uprights, then to the front panel. Use drawer rails to operate.

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Thank you!

I decided to bite the bullet and got Hafele. The cabinet maker said that a wooden one would take up too much of the valuable space and I agreed. Rev-a-Shelf makes filler pull-outs in 3" increments only and we couldn't squeeze a 6" one in but a 3" one felt like a waste of space and money to me.

Remember the saying that architect-designed kitchens is what drives the kitchen remodel industry? I couldn't agree more. Whoever designed this kitchen, had no idea what he was doing (and yes, I am sure it was designed by a man). :-)

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Congrats on the decision. At least that's one less thing to worry about!

The trays in my spice pullout are wood and I don't think they take up more room than wire. The size they are is whatever fit the space, which is actually wider by the better part of an inch than we had anticipated from the plans. The tray sides are very thin--just enough to hold the bottles in. Your cabinetmaker is the one who has his hands on your project, however, and knows better what will work for your particular requirements.

I don't remember the saying you referred to, though it sounds plausible as fact. I know I'm the one who tells everyone I know never to let their architect design their kitchen!

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