gmp3February 24, 2011

We are thinking about selling. I have de brassified the bathroom fixtures and all the lighting, but still have mirrored closet doors and door knobs that are brass.

Can I paint the closet boor frames?

Should I worry about all the door knobs?

About half my bathroom fixutes are brushed nickle and half ORB, which is better for these updates?

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Brass doorknobs are still pretty popular and may not be worth the cost and effort to replace.

As for the mirrored closet doors, I could recommend changing those out to louvered bifold doors or something with a more neutral appearance than the mirrors (a bigger issue than the brass trim, I think). Mirrored closet doors can be a turn off for many people for whatever reason.

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Hmmm, I didn't realize that people didn't like them, they are in all the bedrooms except the master. I thought they made the rooms look bigger and were useful.

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The mirrored doors would bother ME more than brass doorknobs!

WAY too much reflected in them... I prefer wall mirrors instead.

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Mirrored doors would not bother me. I had them in my last place, and loved them.


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I am 95% sure my husband won't be on board to replace them, at least initially. Our doors are stained six panels and finishing 6 doors going to be expensive and time consuming, especially if people are split on this issue.

Anyone know if I can paint the frames or replace the frames?

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There's another forum that might be more helpful;
seems like it's "Home Repairs" or some such.

I wish you the best.

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Yes, you can paint the frames. We had quite a bit of the shiny brass and I just roughed up the surface and spray painted them...did some light fixtures, house numbers, etc. I am not doing out door handles and hinges. I took off the brass switch plates and replaced them with white. My DH about had a stroke~~why take of $10.00 switches and replace them with $l.00 plastic ones~~

I am amazed that some of the "house hunters" on TV dislike the brass in a low to mid-range house, but in the million dollar ones, they are brass and no one seems to complain~~

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Thanks, what color did you paint? My trim is wood so I don't think White will look good.

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I think the mirrored doors are a little passe now. But I wouldn't change them. There are special paints that adhere firmly even to tile with no prep other than cleaning.

Bright brass is still loved by many people; I recently finished a house with Baldwin brass handles everywhere at $100 apiece. (Yes, if they had told me earlier, I could have gotten them for $70.)

At the height of brass matching, I had to get w.c. stops, supplies, flanges and valves in brass too. I'm still carrying leftovers hoping to use them somewhere!

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There is a difference between using tinny builder grade "brass tone" metal and real, heavy, brushed or rubbed brass. A world of difference.
To the original poster, why are half the fixtures ORB and half nickel? I think all the fixtures in a room should be the same. I prefer ORB for everything but if you have more of the nickel just use that, but make sure everything in the room is the same finish.

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"There is a difference between using tinny builder grade "brass tone" metal and real, heavy, brushed or rubbed brass."

Exactly! And it's apparent at first glance. When I lived in Asia, one of our houses had solid brass knobs but we also had part-time domestic help there and it was his job to keep all the pounds of brass in the house polished. I think the popularity of the matte finished hardware has a lot to do with the somewhat gaudy look of cheaper plated and brass toned fixtures. To me that's a very dated look and I don't usually buy into decorating trends.

I guess a lot of people think mirrored doors are out of style, too. However, they don't bother me and when I was working outside of the home base, found them handy. They also can be used to advantage in homes with less than optimal day-time light levels. My pre-civil war home has tiny windows for it's massive size and light is a major issue. I installed a large mirror directly opposite the only window in the bath (east facing) to 'catch' light and bounce it around the room. It made a big difference in how bright and cheerful the little room became.

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Sananddrew, in different rooms I have different finishes.

No none of the brass is good brass it is 80's builder's brass.

I am trying to decide if staging money would be better spent on a granite counter, new sinks and faucets for the kid's bathroom or new door knobs throughout the house to replace the builder's brass.

Calliope, I agree with you, my kid's rooms are about 12 x 11 so the mirrors make them look much larger and brighter. I am leaving them, but would like to get rid of the brass trim.

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New granite countertops,sinks, and faucets would be a better choice then new doorknobs. I've never seen a listing yet that bragged about new doorknobs but plenty mention granite.

But before you do anything you should talk to a few realtors to see if it makes sense to put money into these things.

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You can spray paint brass. I did, but did not do door knobs. I replaced those. I spray painted drain plates in the shower and a shower head...(couldn't change the shower head without removing the tile). Looked good.


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