Pics of Quilts from Lotto Blocks

magothyrivergirlMarch 1, 2011

I have won Lotto Blocks a few times and these are the quilts I just completed. I just needed to finish these so I could play again:)

The Bowtie Block was my first time playing, and I was brand new! I won a lot of blocks - did not use them all in this quilt. I got help squaring them and deciding which ones to use at a "sew-in" afternoon at the local Pfaff dealers for anyone who wanted to attend. I was the only one - so got undivided instruction - that was 2 years ago, as I think I won these in Feb 2009. I immediately sewed them altogether and promptly moved on to more projects. What a fantastic learning experience this was for me! And I thank you all & the Instructor who helped me!

The second quilt is the Friendship Block that I won in January 2010-it was supposed to be manly, jewel tones.

My DH wanted a quilt, so while he was on a business trip, I pulled out these Lotto blocks, used a soft non descript khaki-color w/ tiny navy swirls I had and made it work. I pieced the backing from the fabric I had left from my own blocks - the border was a remnant I had picked up at LQS, and the binding was supposed to be for something else.

He loves it ~ it was still damp from the dryer when he covered up with it. My little dog jumped in his lap the minute he covered up with the quilt.:)

I also used these two quilts to work on applying a really good looking binding completely by machine. Since they were for us, and scrappy, and will be washed often, these were the perfect quilts to complete with the methods I have adapted. I am very happy with the outcome.

Thanks for looking!

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you did a wonderful job. They are both just great.

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Oh my gosh is it ever fun to see blocks you remember, and you worked on get brought to life in a quilt. Thanks so much for posting this. I wish everyone who won blocks would post pictures showing how they used them.

You did a great job.....I love the both and so does your little pooch.

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I really like the stripey setting of the friendship blocks.

It's hard to break out of the "rows of blocks" or "alternating blocks" habit of putting them together.

Thanks for sharing the pics! So there's still hope of someday winning, huh?


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What a wonderful job you did. Isn't it great to finish projects!

The friendship blocks look great with the background you used. The story about your DH loving it and the little dog jumping in his lap made me feel warm and happy.....thanks for sharing that.

I love the Bowtie quilt. I made one just like it years ago with all reproduction fabrics and it is one of my favorite quilts. I found the pattern in a magazine. The pattern was called Cleopatra's Puzzle but I can't remember the name of the magazine. The repros are so soft and pretty. It's too bad there aren't more of them in my area. My LQS does carry a few.

I don't join in the block lotto but I also love to see the lotto blocks made into a quilt.


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They are both great looking quilts. I especially love that bow tie. What a great way to use scraps. Good job.

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I like the way they both turned out. I remember working on both of those lotto blocks and it's great to see them turned into quilts! I had my fingers crossed to win the Friendship Block in the 'manly tones' so it's especially nice to see the beautiful quilt that turned in to. I love what you did with the backing on that one!!!


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Marsha, thank you for posting your pics!!!! I love to see the lotto winners blocks.
Your quilts look great and I can NOT sew a great binding by machine, but I agree for a very loved quilt it is much more practical.

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