L Shaped Islands....pics anyone?

ponderous1March 15, 2010

I tried searching for L shaped islands but I seemed to get more on L shaped kitchens with an island in them. Anyone have pictures and info on L shaped islands?

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ours isn't done yet (sheetrocking should be this week) but ours is a L shaped with only the one end on a wall the rest of it is all open to the great room. I can't find any pics on google to show you sorry. Mine is just the peninsula, no inner island. similar to but nothing really like it ROFL

here it is framed

the floor plan

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Yeah, I am definitely interested in an island and not a peninsula. But thank you for the info anyway. I will take what I can get.

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Here is mine, HTH!:

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Bumping this because I am having the same problem: LOTS of info about L shaped kitchens, no info or photos of L shaped islands.

I found one, and you can't even see the "L" very well...

Can anyone else help?

PS In the link below, it may try to get you to register. You don't have to, just click "no thanks" and it'll advance you to the photo. Hopefully :)

Here is a link that might be useful: L shaped island photo

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I have one and like it very much. I chose an L-shape so it could be open to the two surrounding rooms (dining/breakfast and family room, with kitchen in the 'corner' in between). I also like that shape for entertaining, since an L-shape gives more perimeter space for guests and family. (See how many seats Lagrant has?) Also, while the 'guest' side is spacious, the cook's side is compact and efficient, and nicely protected from foot-traffic.

My photos are before everything was done (surrounding space was full of construction clutter) and don't show it terribly well, so I'll also post a floorplan:

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