CL free or fusion

caldwellgirlJuly 22, 2012

i have had several PBs come and give quotes. One of them likes the CL free system which uses a copper mineral purification another PB likes using a fusion system which combines chlorine and mineral for purification. I was leaning towards a salt water system before I was introduced to these other systems. Any thoughts or experiences with these systems?

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I don't like either. I prefer plain salt cells.

Mineral feeders like Nature2 add copper and silver. Chlorine is faster than both so neither add to chlorine's capabilities. Neither will reduce the amount of chlorine a pool needs. The Fusion system adds it to the salt cell. The manufacturer and dealer want the money for new cartridges twice a year and the cartridges are quite expensive and needless.

CL-Free adds copper ions. While it can reduce the chance of algae, it can stain, causing blonds to have green streaks in their hair, green decks, etc... There is no other residual left in the pool so person to person transmission of things like eye, ear, and skin infections can happen. IMHO, they are dangerous to people. Whoever is selling it, avoid doing business with them. They don't care about anything but the money.

Thoroughly read the following thread link at the bottom in which CL-Free and I got into it. I think you will see what I mean.

Here is a link that might be useful: CL-Free vs Reality

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