Hot Tup re-wiring?

ajbolitJuly 27, 2014

We just removed our old inground hot tub that was wired with two 30 Amps and one 20 Amps cables (each has 2 hot and 1 "ground" wires). We would like to get new "outside" type hot tub . The problem is - our unit located on the 3rd floor and current wires were placed through the holes drilled in joists back in the 80's. I dont see how can we put new 50 Amp cable since the floor is finished.
Apparently I can do it with HotSprings model Hot Tubs that are being powered by 2 cables - 30 and 20 Amps - any other manufacturer would allow me to do it? Can I some how convert 80 Amp in 3 separate cables to 1 cable with 50-80 Amp rating?

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not without bringing a new cable to the hot tub from the panel

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